2015 Global Think Tank Report Released CCG Ranked No. 1 Chinese Independent Think Tank

The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the University of Pennsylvania launched its “2015 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report” in over 80 countries around the world on Jan. 27-28th. This year marks the ninth year that TTCSP released this annual report on think tank research. Details

CCG Hosts Roundtable Conference on China-US Cooperation on Energy and Climate Change

The Center for China & Globalization joined American Chamber of Commerce in China and Beijing Energy Club in hosting a roundtable conference titled “China-US Relations on Energy and Climate Change: Cooperation and Leadership” on Jan. 25, featuring the visiting US Assistant Secretary of Energy Jonathan Elkind. Details

Beijing will ease rules for foreign talents to enter, exit and acquire permanent residence

Beijing will ease rules for foreign talents to enter, exit and acquire permanent residence in the city. The new regulations are scheduled to take effect on March 1, announced the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on January 12. Beijing's new international talent policy is a direct result of the work of CCG, which is the only think tank that has been involved throughout the policymaking process. Details

CCG Publishes 2015 Top 50 Chinese Oversea Returnees on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

CCG collaborated with the China Globalization Talents Society to publish the Report of Top 50 Chinese Oversea Returnees on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This report recognized returned scholars who have made significant contributions in their respective fields.Details

Former US Secretary of State Addresses CCG Symposium on Entrepreneurship Education in China

Beijing – As President Xi Jinping kicked off his first state visit to America, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited Beijing and attended the symposium on “Entrepreneurship Education in China” co-sponsored by the Center for China & Globalization (CCG) and Laureate International Universities.Details

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Singapore’s Talent Strategy and Practice

This is the first book that provides an in-depth analysis of Singapore’s talent strategy and lays out its implications for China, which is now in the middle of a major economic and social transition. Details

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Report on Globalization of Chinese Enterprises 2015

CCG's “Report on Chinese Enterprises Globalization (2015)”provides a systematic and comprehensive review of the globalization of Chinese business enterprises from 2014 to 2015. In doing so, the report thoroughly analyzes the various risks and problems these firms face in “going global.” Details

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Annual Report on the Development of China’s Study Abroad (2015) No.4

The General Report first reviews the development of global overseas study and its trends. It then identifies the current situation and developmental features of Chinese studying abroad. These consist of the rapid increase in the number of Chinese students, including teenagers and even younger children, studying overseas, job-oriented oversea study, innovative modes of study abroad, and the growing diversity of overseas study destination countries.Details

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International Headhunting and Competition for Talent

This book, through three chapters, presents an all-encompassing picture of the development of the international headhunting industry to help readers understand the operation of headhunting companies and government headhunting strategies.Details

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Annual Report on Chinese International Migration(2015)

Our “Annual Report on Chinese International Migration (2015)” investigates and elaborates on the latest trends and characteristics of Chinese migrants in order to obtain a thorough understanding on the current status of international migration from 2013 to 2014.Details

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A Collection of International Talent Strategy Essays

This book is a complete compilation of the author’s research work over years, which thoroughly and comprehensively covers all the aspects of talent strategies in China and abroad from both a theoretical and practical angle.Details

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Global Think Tanks

This book offers a comprehensive review and research of more than 30 top think tanks worldwide with many first-hand observations. Drawing on the experiences of world leading think tanks and examining on the philosophy and practice of these global think tanks, the authors analyze the emerging and development of Chinese think tanks, their trends, challenges and opportunities.Details

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Israel Valley: Creating Shield through Technological Innovation

Becoming a state of scientific and technological innovation is Israel’s strategy for coping with the challenges of inadequate natural resources and hostile neighboring countries. Israel has claimed global leadership in various high-tech sectors such as military equipment, telecommunication and IT system, biotech and environmental science. Details

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Globalizing China: The Influence, Strategies and Successes of Chinese Returnees

In recent years, a new spectacular group of entrepreneurs in China called Chinese Returnee Entrepreneurs (CREs) has emerged. Not only have they contributed enormously to the rapid growth of the Chinese economy, but they also have connected China to the outside world in today s globalized economy.Details

  • Wang Shi Zhang Jianwei Chen Chen Li Likai You Zhonghui Lu Dong Zheng Qunyi Zhang Libin Sun Youwen Li Ming Gao Mingfei Gao Yanding Mao Daqing Liu Jintian Chen Zhi Wu Yunqian Peng Jun Zhang Yaqin
  • Ge Ming Yi Jinsheng Yu Minhong Chen Shuang Chen Ning Wang Yixun Li Wen Li Haifeng Liu Hongchuan Wang Li Chen Xinhua Qi Lixin Pan Jun Zhao Bin Lu Qiaozhi Liu Yonghao Xu Tao Zhou Chenggang
  • Zhang Yichen Wang Junfeng Wang bainian Wang Boqing Tian Suning Shen Nanpeng Li Shan Gao Zhendong Zou Henry Cheng Yan He Mei Lu Xingdong Lin Yao Fan Shengyan Wang Guangfa Wang Weifeng Wang Huiyao Jiao Yong