CCG Releases Study Report about New Generation of Chinese Returnees

The Center for China & Globalization (CCG) and jointly released the 2015 Report on Employment and Entrepreneurship of Chinese Returnees. Details

CCG Symposium Explores Opportunities and Challenges for Outbound Investment in South Asia

The Center for China & Globalization (CCG) continued its series of symposiums on the opportunities and challenges in the countries along the “One Belt, One Road” By hosting an Aug. 26, 2015 discussion focused on South Asia.Details

IOM Director General Visits CCG Headquarters

On Aug. 25, 2015, the Center for China & Globalization welcomed a delegation from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) led by Director General William Swing and the chief representative in China, Mr. Par Liljert. Details

[CNC] Students encouraged to return after overseas study

The 10th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum for Chinese Returnees was held in Beijing on Sunday. It was jointly put on by the Western Returned Scholar Association (WRSA), Chinese Overseas-Educated Scholars Association (COESA), and Center for China & Globalization(CCG).Details

African Development Bank President Speaks at CCG

On July 20th, a delegation from the African Development Bank (AfDB) led by President Donald Kaberuka visited the Beijing headquarters of the Center for China & Globalization to hold a seminar with a group of Chinese banking and investment business executives, media reporters, and CCG research fellows and staff. Details

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International Headhunting and Competition for Talent

This book, through three chapters, presents an all-encompassing picture of the development of the international headhunting industry to help readers understand the operation of headhunting companies and government headhunting strategies.Details

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Annual Report on Chinese International Migration(2015)

Our “Annual Report on Chinese International Migration (2015)” investigates and elaborates on the latest trends and characteristics of Chinese migrants in order to obtain a thorough understanding on the current status of international migration from 2013 to 2014.Details

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Peport on Globalization of Chinese Enterprises(2014)

Report on Chinese Enterprises Going Global 2014 reviews the process of foreign direct investments around the world and Chinese enterprises’ overseas expansion, and analyses the current situation, trends and features of international investment in recent years. Meanwhile, this report discusses Chinese enterprises’ foreign investments in these years and brings out the challenges they confronted. To accelerate the globalization of Chinese enterprises and improve efficiency of their internalization,Details

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Report on Overseas Chinese Professionals (2014)

With an overview of overseas Chinese professionals, the report analyzes the new features and trends of this group of people, offering suggestions as to how to better mobilize their resources.Details

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Annual Report on Chinese International Migration (2014)

In 2013, the number of international migrants reached 232 million and the annual growth rate has been 2% for the last several years. This report summarizes the new characteristics and trends of Chinese international migration in 2012-2013. This report divided into five parts, including General Report, Special Reports, Regional Reports, Emigration Service Agency Reports and Appendixes.Details

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Global Think Tanks

This book offers a comprehensive review and research of more than 30 top think tanks worldwide with many first-hand observations. Drawing on the experiences of world leading think tanks and examining on the philosophy and practice of these global think tanks, the authors analyze the emerging and development of Chinese think tanks, their trends, challenges and opportunities.Details

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Chinese Returnees: Driving Force of Chinese Innovation

Chinese Returnees: Driving Force of Chinese Innovation is a history of Chinese overseas students and more importantly, a history of Chinese returnees and the revitalization of China.Details

  • Zhang Libin Sun Youwen Li Ming Gao Mingfei Gao Yanding Mao Daqing Liu Jintian Chen Zhi Wu Yunqian Peng Jun Zhang Yaqin Ge Ming Yi Jinsheng Yu Minhong Chen Shuang Chen Ning Wang Yixun Li Wen
  • Li Haifeng Liu Hongchuan Wang Li Chen Xinhua Qi Lixin Pan Jun Zhao Bin Lu Qiaozhi Liu Yonghao Xu Tao Zhou Chenggang Zhang Yichen Wang Junfeng Wang bainian Wang Boqing Tian Suning Shen Nanpeng Li Shan
  • Gao Zhendong Zou Henry Cheng Yan He Mei Lu Xingdong Lin Yao Fan Shengyan Wang Guangfa Wang Weifeng Liu Ke Wang Huiyao Jiao Yong Hu Bo    Zong Fuli Zhang Ligang Ge Jun Yi Min Guo Sheng