11th China and Globalization Forum

May 05 , 2024 Sign up


Time:2024-05-25 08:00—2024-05-26 20:00



Since 2015, CCG has hosted the China and Globalization Forum annually in conjunction with its council meeting, bringing together the most prominent members of CCG Advisory Council and celebrated policy scholars and business leaders. Over the years, the convention has become a magnet for the most highly regarded delegates from China’s government, expert, and business communities for dialogue and debate about the most pressing issues in global politics and business regarding the development of globalization and China’s role in it.

on May 25-26, 2024, the 10th China and Globalization Forum, hosted by CCG, brought together a distinguished array of participants. Over the course of two days, the forum hosted 15panel discussions delving into a variety of important themes including China-US, China-EU, and China-Middle East relations, developments in Artificial Intelligence, and China’s critical demographic challenges.



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