WiseDemo Campaign


Ⅰ What is “WiseDemo” Campaign?


As an important part of Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD) program, the “WiseDemo” Campaign will call for proposals from young experts around the world for innovative solutions to today’s global challenges along the areas of focus of GYLD. Top 10 winners will be invited to participate in the Global Young Leaders Dialogue Forum 2021.


Ⅱ Why should you participate in the “WiseDemo” Campaign?


Top 10 winners will be:

● Invited to join an elevator pitch session and a poster session held at the GYLD2021 in which they will present their proposals, and interact with GYLD Forum participants;

● Featured in the media (including social media) at home and abroad;

● Introduced to the GYLD network of young professionals from across the globe;

●Provided with long-term support and attention from the GYLD Program, and recommended to other international platform, so as to promote the policy transformation and implementation of innovative proposals.


All proposals submitted will automatically be included in GYLD talent database for priority consideration for GYLD events, projects and activities.

Ⅲ Call for proposal will open:


From 24 March 2021 to 14 May 2021.


Ⅳ We are looking for proposals that focus on at least one of the following:


1. Promoting Inclusive Development


  i How to level the playing field in employment and education;

  ii How to advance international cooperation on poverty reduction.


2.Helping to advance the building of a global community of shared future ?


i How to engage the international community on pragmatic cooperation between countries with different levels and systems of development for global peace and prosperity;

ii How to advance multilateral cooperation on addressing the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic;

iii How to promote economic globalization that works for all.


3. Invigorating Scientific and Technological Innovation


i How to strengthen intellectual property right protection and create better ecosystems for innovation;

ii How to harness the power of digital technology and promote digital governance systems that put socio-economic development first.


4.Advancing Ecological Progress and Environmental Protection


i How to foster international cooperation on tackling climate change;

ii How to preserve biodiversity;

iii How to develop green economy and promote green development and green lifestyle.


5.Enhancing Cross-cultural Communication


i How to protect cultural diversity and advance dialogue between civilizations;

ii How to strengthen the protection of cultural heritage globally.


Ⅴ Eligibility and Criteria


We hope that your proposals:

● Meet at least one of the five themes above;

● Are innovative;

● Are feasible and at the conception stage or the early implementation stage;


Ⅵ Selection


The eligible innovative proposals will be screened by the GYLD Secretariat and selected by the GYLD expert committee.

Ⅶ How to submit an innovative proposal?


Please complete the Application Form attached and send it to gyld@ccg.org.cn by 14 May 2021.


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Ⅸ Contact


Zhou Yifei

GYLD Secretariat

Email: gyld@ccg.org.cn

Attachment: WiseDemo Campaign Application Form



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