CCG Report on Development of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs 2019

July 31 , 2020

Recently, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) released the Report on Development of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs 2019, published by Social Sciences Academic Press of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The chief editor of the book is Wang Huiyao, CCG president and member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and Kang Rongping, head of the Global Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Research Institute at CCG. The report analyzes the current situation and development of Chinese entrepreneurs around the world and summarizes their achievements and contributions in the new situation of the world economy and different developmental stages of the Chinese economy.


The Report on Development of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs 2019 is the third of a series after similar reports were released in 2017 and 2018. The book consists of the General Report, Evaluation Reports, Special Issue Reports, Case Studies, and a section on Chinese Entrepreneurs in Africa.


The General Report analyzes the current environment for global Chinese entrepreneurs, their overall development, key characteristics in different regions, and features of the new generation with an in-depth study of their global networks. Taking the 40th year of Reform and Opening-up as a turning point, the report summarizes the investments and contributions of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs to China, analyzes the policy environment and platform that China has provided, and the integration “go global” Chinese enterprises with overseas Chinese entrepreneurs. Lastly, suggestions are made for the collaborative development of global Chinese entrepreneurs in the new era.


In the section on Evaluation Reports, researchers use indexes such as leadership, contribution to industry, and social impact, to assess the “Top 10 Chinese Entrepreneurs in the World.” In addition, a range of indexes are used to select the “Top 10 Chinese Enterprises Promoting China-Africa Cooperation,” such as enterprise size in Africa, contribution to Africa, business mode, and impact.


The section on Special Issue Reports examines characteristics of the development of global Chinese entrepreneurs from different perspectives, including Fujian entrepreneurs in South East Asia, China’s IT industry in Japan, Chinese entrepreneurs in Indonesia, Chinese entrepreneurs from Zhejiang, and overseas Chinese family enterprises. This chapter also contains articles from professors at Australian National University, which discuss Chinese entrepreneurs in Indonesia.


The section on Case Studies provides examples of global Chinese enterprises with distinctive characteristics. For example, Sany Group has gone global by pursuing a path of high-quality; Fotile Group has fused traditional Chinese culture and Confucian principles with entrepreneurship and management; Waitex Group, while established in the United States, has forged deep ties with China; CRRC Group, while rooted in the domestic market, has used branding and international communications to tell the story of its globalization; while Starlite Group has created a diversified development path of transnational groups.


The book also discusses China-Africa cooperation, which has entered a new stage involving a large number of overseas and mainland Chinese enterprises. This chapter presents research on the overall trends of Chinese investment in Africa, the activities of Wenzhounese entrepreneurs in Africa, and the case of Transsion’s mobile phone business in Africa.



I General Report


1. Overall Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs around the world

1)Development and trend of Chinese entrepreneurs under the new situation of economic globalization

2)Chinese entrepreneurs and China

3)Chinese enterprises “going out” and their integration into the Chinese entrepreneurs’ community

4) Recommendations on promoting the development of Chinese entrepreneurs in China in the new era


II Evaluation Reports


2. Design of Selection System

1)The selection basis and indicators of the “Top 10 Chinese Entrepreneurs in the World”

2)The selection basis and indicators of “Top 10 Chinese Enterprises to Promote China-Africa Cooperation”

3.Top 10 Chinese Entrepreneurs in the World

4.Top 10 Chinese Enterprises to Promote China-Africa Cooperation


III Special Issue Reports


5. Inheritance Experience and Countermeasures of Overseas Chinese Family Businesses

6.Observation of the scale of Chinese businesses in Indonesia from a Long-term Perspective

7.The Development and the Operation Characteristics of Chinese IT Enterprises in Japan

8.The Growth and Expansion of Chinese Entrepreneurs of Fujian Origin in Southeast Asia

9.History, Present Situation and Future of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs in the world



IV Case Studies


10. From Xiangjiang River to Overseas, Sany’s Road of “Quality Changes the World”

11.An Overseas Chinese Enterprise Growing in the Tide of China’s Reform and Opening-up—Witter Group

12.Combine Chinese and Western Wisdom and Use Taoist Philosophy to Thrive—Fangtai Group Practices Chinese Cultural Traditions

13.Starlite Group’s Cross-Century Development and Innovation

14.CRRC on the Belt and Road Initiative


V Chinese Entrepreneurs in Africa

15. Basic Situation and Development Trend of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Africa

16. Wenzhou Entrepreneurs in Africa: Multi-dimensional Conflict Analysis

17. Transsion Mobile Phone:The Growth Path of the “King of Africa”