Global think tanks forum issues joint statement on battling COVID-19

June 10 , 2020

BEIJING, June 10 (Xinhua) — The Global Think Tanks Online Forum on International Cooperation to Combat COVID-19, held on Tuesday and Wednesday, issued a joint statement calling for international solidarity to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The statement noted that major infectious diseases are the common enemy of humanity, and only with solidarity and cooperation can the international community overcome the pandemic.

All countries should live up to their responsibilities for their people and promote global cooperation against COVID-19, said the statement.

“We share the abiding commitment of putting the people and their lives first. We salute all the countries that have taken active and effective measures and made huge sacrifices to control COVID-19 under their particular national conditions,” said the statement.

“We appreciate the endeavors of those countries which have actively engaged in international cooperation, kept the international community informed of COVID-19 dynamics in their countries, shared experience in epidemic control and treatment of patients, and provided generous assistance to other countries in need,” it also read.

The statement pointed out that the virus knows no borders and the pandemic does not distinguish between races.

COVID-19 has exposed weaknesses in both national public health systems and global governance, and may lead to rising global inequality. In response, the international community should work together to build a global community of health for all, jointly address challenges in a scientific and rational way, and strengthen global solidarity, the statement said.

“We support the World Health Organization in leading international cooperation to combat COVID-19,” it said.

The statement also urged the international community to enhance cooperation and information sharing in disease prevention and control, treatment of patients and relevant research, ensure equal right to lives and health for all countries, races and social groups, provide more material, technical and personnel support to developing countries for improving public health emergency responses and promoting economic recovery, and oppose discrimination and prejudice in any form.

The international community should also strengthen global coordination of the research and development, mass manufacturing and equitable distribution of vaccines for COVID-19, and ensure that they are universally available, and do everything possible to minimize the impact of the pandemic on world economy, strengthen international macroeconomic policy coordination and keep the global industrial and supply chains running, read the statement.

The statement expressed the hope that think tanks across the world will play their due role in promoting global cooperation to combat COVID-19 and similar epidemics in the future, improving global public health governance and stabilizing the world economy.

“We in think tanks should encourage all research and exploration based on science, knowledge and reason, and broaden channels of knowledge-sharing and exchanges,” said the statement.

“Let us join hands and contribute our share to safeguarding human health, improving human wellbeing and building a global community of shared future,” said the statement.


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