CCG Roundtable Welcomes the President of Asia Society

CCG held a round table discussion to welcome the President of the Asia Society, Josette Sheeran, on July 17, 2014 at  the China World Hotel, Beijing. Sheeran and CCG Council Members held a productive discussion, during which they exchanged many ideas regarding China, Asia and globalization.

Josette Sheeran, President and CEO of Asia Society

Christine Davies, Executive Director for Strategic Partnerships at the Asia Society

The Asia Society was invited by CCG to a luncheon with CCG Council Members and leaders from the Chinese business community.  The event took place following a diplomatic conversation on Sino-American relations between Mrs. Fu Ying, spokeswoman of the National People’s Congress, and the Asia Society delegation, which was represented by Mrs. Sheeran.  The luncheon provided an opportunity to further talk about relations between the U.S. and China and developments in the Asia-Pacific region.

Wang Huiyao, President of Center for China & Globalization

Mr. Wang Huiyao, the President of CCG, provided a general background regarding CCG and  introduced the Chinese attendees to the luncheon.  The roundtable conversation turned to examining business ties and people-to-people exchanges between China and the US.  An agreement was reached to launch a regular two-way communication mechanism between CCG and Asia Society, thus creating a long-term avenue and platform for key figures in business and political affairs from both the U.S. and China to acquire new perspectives on Sino-American ties.

Wang Chaoyong, Founder Chairman and CEO of China Equity Group

Sheeran looked back on her first journey to Beijing and experience working in the Trade Office as a Deputy Secretary in the U.S. State Department, where she helped to finalize arrangements for China’s accession to the WTO.  Mrs. Sheeran recalled the first time she heard and understood the Chinese expression of “win-win” and maintained that a new kind of transparent bilateral trading system is at the core of the current international trading system.  In her closing remarks, Sheeran shared a personal reflection: “It is a long and amazing journey to see China step on to the world economic stage.”

Mao Daqing, Senior Vice President of China Vanke

In addition to working for the U.S. State Department, Sheeran served as the Director-General of the United Nations World Food Program. She noted that just 25 years ago, China was an aid recipient of the UN World Food Program, but is now one of its biggest donors. This turn around marked a huge step forward in helping to end world hunger, reverse poverty and support vulnerable people. She added that the Asia Society is now focusing on issues like accommodating the rise of China as a global power and improving Sino-U.S. in the face of this change.

Li Lei, Vice President of North Asia SABIC

Yi Min, Chief Executive of MTR Corporation Ltd.

Sheeran also looked back on the founding of Asia Society and the extensive research the organization has carried out. This research and other Asia Society activities have been dedicated to bridging the huge gap between China and the U.S. by enhancing mutual understanding among the two countries. Although this work has largely gone under the radar screen, it is critical to improving relationships between the U.S. and China.

Tao Jingzhou, Managing Partner at Dechert LLP

Darwin Tu, Founder and CEO of

Charlie Zhao, Board Chairman of  Hope Genes Medical Research

While discussing with Sheeran business development and people-to-people exchanges between China and the U.S., CCG Council members made valuable comments and provided insights stemming from their experiences.
The Asia Society delegation also included Freda Wang, the Executive Director of Asia Society Shanghai Office, and Jeff Wang, the Director of the Chinese Language Initiatives at Asia Society. Other distinguished guest included:

Wang Chaoyong, CCG Vice-Chairman, Founder Chairman and CEO of China Equity Group

Li Shan, CCG Vice-Chairman, Chief International Business Adviser of China Development Bank

Li Lei, CCG Executive Director, Vice President of North Asia SABIC

Mao Daqing, CCG Executive Director, Senior Vice President of China Vanke

Yi Min, CCG Executive Director, Chief Executive of MTR Corporation Ltd.

Tao Jingzhou, CCG Executive Director, Managing Partner at Dechert LLP

Wang Boqing, CCG Executive Director, Founder and CEO of MyCOS Data

Darwin Tu, CCG member, Founder and CEO of

Charlie Zhao, CCG member, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hope Genes Medical Research Institute (Beijing) co., Ltd.

Wang Weifeng, CCG member, Executive Director, President, Everbright Financial Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

Amy Cheng, Managing Director, BOC International Holdings Ltd.

Hu Bo, CCG member, Chairman of Ciming Health Checkup Group-OASIS Medical Wellness Club

Xu Hongcai
, CCG Visiting Senior Researcher, the Department Director of Information of China Center for International Economic Exchange

Frances Sun, Vice-President and Secretary General of CCG

Jeannie Yi, Vice-President of CCG


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