Report on Employment & Entrepreneurship of Chinese Returnees 2017

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Employment, has been a top priority in Chinese society since the reform and opening-up policy, for
it being a crucial element in a country’s talent development strategy. According
to the Ministry of Education, the total number of the students graduating from
Chinese higher education institutions in 2017 is expected to hit 7.95 million,
4% higher than 2016. Meanwhile, about 432,500 students returned to China after
graduating from overseas universities in 2016, up 36.26% from
2012, according to a joint conference focusing on Chinese overseas students,
making the total number of Chinese returnees exceed 2.65 million by the end of
2016. The biggest ever wave of Chinese returnees proves China is becoming a
talent magnet for its rapid economic development, while bringing more pressure
to the domestic employment market that deserves more attention both from the
government and society.

In 2015, CCG and, a leading recruitment platform,
jointly released the Report on Employment & Entrepreneurship of Chinese
Returnees 2015 that drew great attention from academic community and media both
at home and abroad. It was covered by nearly a hundred of domestic and
international media outlets, with the new trends and prospect of Chinese
returnees’ employment and entrepreneurship in China highlighted. To build on the success, CCG joined again
this year in a more in-depth research on the issues and published their new
findings for 2017. The latest report shed the light on the current situation
and challenges of Chinese returnees’ employment and entrepreneurship after graduation,
especially those who were born in the 1980s and 1990s. Based on the result of
1,821 valid survey questionnaires collected, the key findings are put forward
in three aspects.