CCG advocates the development of talent mobility. Committed to study of the globalization of talent, CCG conducts major research projects, organizes events, publishes books and research reports in the fields of international talent, international migration, overseas Chinese, and the situation of talent studying abroad and returning to China.

Impact on Policymaking Based on solid empirical research results, CCG proposes a series of policy recommendations to improve China's talent development and immigration system, and plays an active role in promoting major policies, such as the establishment of the National Immigration Administration.

CCG has published a series of Blue Books such as the Blue Book of Global Talent: Annual Report on the Development of Chinese Students Studying Abroad, Blue Book of Global Talent: Annual Report on Chinese International Migration, Blue Book of Regional Talent: Report on China’s Regional International Talent Competitiveness, and the IOM World Migration Report, as well as a series of English books with Springer, including China’s Domestic and International Migration Development, filling the gap in the field of international talent research in China.

CCG has established brand forums such as the China Talent 50 Forum and the Global Education 50 People Forum, and has hosted the China Overseas Returnees Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum for many years.

CCG's initiative of establishing the Alliance of Global Talent Organizations is supported by relevant national ministries and the Beijing municipal government. CCG’s proposal was selected to participate in the first Paris Peace Forum and CCG held an event on the Alliance of Global Talent Organizations titled “Brain Drain: Making Better Use of the World’s Talent” at the second Paris Peace Forum.