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Zong Fuli

In 2005, just after graduation, Kelly came back to china to start her career in food and beverage industry. Two years later, she became the President of Hangzhou Hongsheng Beverage Group.  Over the past seven years, Kelly has been committed to pursuing total solution for food&beverage industry by focusing on its main business and food&beverage basic research to improve its strategic blueprint.

In the meanwhile, Hongsheng Beverage Group, under Kelly’s leadership, is focused on developing and producing food and beverage products with Chinese characteristics which are widely accepted by the world. Kelly considers total solution as the core competence of the company. She wants to provide the whole industry with the most professional solutions by specializing and strengthening each working program including basic raw material R&D and equipment manufacturing.

As a young businesswoman with an international educational background, Kelly is also enthusiastic about philanthropy besides her entrepreneurial activities. In 2012, Kelly donated 70 million RMB to Zhejiang University to found Fuli Institute of Food Science. This institute is aimed at china’s increasing influence and speaking right in the international food and Beverage area by encouraging characteristic food resources R&D and basic research in food nutrition and food safety. In May 2014, she donated 100 RMB to Xi’an Jiaotong University to found Fuli Institute of Food Science and Engineering, in order to cultivate young Chinese talents and future leaders in Food & Beverage engineering and equipment area.