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Zamir Ahmed Awan

Zamir Ahmed Awan, born in 1962, studied in China in 1980s, got Bachelor Degree as well as Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai University. Since 2010, serving Pakistan Embassy in Beijing as Science Counsellor (Technical Affairs). He is responsible for promoting Science and Technology Cooperation between Pakistan and China.  As the deep-rooted friendship between Pakistan and China known as “Iron Brothers”, there exist a huge potential of cooperation.

Mr. Awan Utilized his knowledge, learnt during his student life in China, to manage to promote this cooperation to its new heights.  He succeeded to get signed many MoUs and agreements between the two countries in the Agriculture, Forestry, Biotechnology, Communication, Health, Energy, Industry and Higher Education etc.  He also played important role in public diplomacy and brought the peoples of the two countries close to each other. His contribution in strengthening the friendship between Pakistan and China is tremendous.

Mr. Awan is now a deputy dean of Chinese Studies Center of Excellence, at National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan. He has numerous publications, articles, lectures, and presentations. Frequently participates in TV talk shows and discussions, several videos, and documentaries available on net.