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Yao Shujie

After completing his PhD in Economics from the University of Manchester in 1989, Yao Shujie worked at the Universities of Oxford, Portsmouth and Middlesex as research fellow, lecturer, Professor and Head of Economics Department before joining The University of Nottingham as Professor of Economics and Chinese Sustainable Development in August 2006.

Subsequently appointed as the first Head of the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies at Nottingham in January 2007, Prof. Yao is an expert on economic development in China. He has published 11 research monographs, edited books, as well as produced more than 90 refereed journal articles. He was ranked eighth among the world’s China scholars specializing in the study of the Chinese economy in a recent article published in the Journal of Asian Economic Literature. In September 2014, Mr. Yao works as professor in School of Economics and Business Administration at Chongqing University.