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Ma Zhongmin

Mr. David Ma (Ma Zhongmin), is the President of Tianjin Translink International Logistics Co.,Ltd. He has extensive experiences in international shipping and logistics management, with 30 years working history. His specialty focuses on the heavy-lifts cargo logistics management and solution of engineering project logistics. He worked at the manager position at China Ocean Shipping Group Tianjin Branch for years. He was the founder of Tianjin Translink International Transportation Co. in 2013. He established Tianjin Translink International Logistics Co. in 2015.


Mr. Ma is an active executor for national strategy of Belt and Road Initiative. His company has expanded the global market into many Belt and Road counties like Africa, Middle East, and South East Asia. The company has undertaken the logistics project bids for many international engineering projects of the industrial construction, transportation and energy infrastructure, including the countries of Ethiopia, South Sudan, Namibia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bangladesh, etc. As the premier logistics service provider for China Oil and Gas Company and China Water Conservancy and Electric Power Company(CWE), the company provides the professional service to ensure the smooth, safety and timely arrival and delivery of the project cargo, and make the great contribution to development construction of the Belt and Road projects. The company has received many awards for the excellency in logistics management service.


Mr. Ma hold an engineer bachelor degree from Dalian Maritime University, and acquired the Master degree in Business Administration from Nankai University. He is also a frequent invited speaker at universities and global conferences.