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Headquartered in Beijing, Hengchang was established in 2011 to conform to the development of the times. Under the trends of global economic development and the characteristics of China’s financial circumstances, Hengchang focuses on the field of Internet finance and positively promotes the innovation of concept, technology and management method to lead the development of industry. Based on its fully-fledged risk control system since its establishment, Hengchang offers a wide range of financial services to its customers, including wealth management, loan consultation,credit risk assessment and management and so on.

As an outstanding example of Internet finance, Hengchang adopts advanced management mode and owns a professional team which is proficient in financial risk evaluation, policies and regulations,technology research and development, to help thousands of owners of small and micro enterprises, wage earners and peasants solve financial demands via its plat forms. Based on customers’ requirement, Hengchang customizes wealth management solutions and optimizes wealth management modes according to different factors such as customers’ risk preference, financial situation and family structure, so as to provide customers with high-quality services. Till now, Hengchang has already solved capital connection demands of tens of billions of yuan for its customers all over China, small and medium entrepreneurs included.

In future, Hengchang will constantly improve its integrative competence of Internet finance through service network and technology platform and stride forward to its goal of “becoming a world-renowned trust worthy Internet financial enterprise”.