CCG Roundtable | In Conversation with Nordic Ambassadors

June 06 , 2023


Time:2023-06-07 16:00—2023-06-07 18:00




In an era of globalization, countries everywhere face daunting socioeconomic challenges. Inequality is rising. Cohesion is weakening as societies undergo identity crises. As governments in search of role models for governance, equality, and social and economic policy, the so-called Nordic model often rank the top. Practiced in Nordic countries, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland, the Nordic model is characterized by state welfare system, access to quality education, and low income disparities and contributes to the countries’ continued growth and prosperity.

China shares the Nordic countries’ drive to combine market economy and government intervention. As the country seeks to transform its economy and address challenges due to unfettered growth in the past decades, the Nordic experiences may shed light on possible pathways toward the national goal of common prosperity. This event provides highly contextualized accounts of the Nordic model and a discussion about its relevant applications for the future.



English/Chinese simultaneous interpretation


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Arrival of ambassadors/guests

Welcome and introduction by

·Dr. Henry WANG Huiyao, President, CCG; Counselor, China State Council (2015-2022)

Feature presentations

·H.E. Signe Brudeset, Ambassador of Norway to China

·H.E. Helena Sångeland, Ambassador of Sweden to China

·H.E. Thomas Østrup Møller, Ambassador of Denmark to China

·H.E. Thorir Ibsen, Ambassador of Iceland to China

·H.E. Leena-Kaisa Mikkola, Ambassador of Finland to China

·Amb. MA Keqing, Executive Vice Chair, China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation

Roundtable discussion with Chinese experts

·Moderator: Victor Gao, Vice President, CCG

·ZHAO Hongtao, Deputy Director-General of Bureau of North American, Oceanian and Nordic Affairs, International Department of the CPC Central Committee (IDCPC)

·ZHANG Lirong, Secretary General of China Forum at Center for International Security and Strategy, Tsinghua University

·LI Xiaoyun, Chair Professor of China Agricultural University (CAU) and Honorary Dean of College of International Development and Global Agriculture (CIDGA)

·Dr. Mabel Miao, Secretary General, CCG

·Mike Liu, Vice President and Senior Fellow, CCG

·Andy Mok, Senior Fellow, CCG

·Zoon Ahmed, Research Fellow, CCG

·ZIchen Wang, Director for International Comms and Research Fellow, CCG


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