Joseph Nye‘s new Book Release:Soft Power and Great-Power Competition

April 04 , 2023


Time:2023-04-28 10:30—2023-04-28 12:00




A fifth of the 21st century has already passed, and the world order has changed from one super power and multiple major powers to two super powers and multiple rising powers. With the rise of China and other emerging countries, a historic power shift is happening globally. Joseph Nye, the father of “soft power” and Harvard University professor has posed a thought-provoking question: “How can we esure that the power shift from West to East benefits all countries without causing destructive great power competition?”


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Professor Joseph Nye’s new book, Soft Power and Great-Power Competition: Shifting Sands in the Balance of Power between the United States and China, was recently published. In this book, he repeatedly emphasizes that China and the United States do not pose a threat to each other’s survival. On the contrary, both countries can benefit from cooperation. While some level of great power competition is inevitable, the best thing to do is to manage this competition and establish a competitive-cooperative relationship. In the end, cooperation in response to transnational challenges can be a positive-sum game.

Joseph Nye is a leading figure in the neoliberal school of thought and the creator of the concept of “soft power.” He once served as a professor and dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, as well as Assistant Secretary of State during the Carter administration. He was also chairman of the National Intelligence Council and Assistant Secretary of Defense During the Clinton administration. He has had a significant influence in both academia and policymaking.

On April 28th, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) will co-host a book launch event with CITIC Press, Springer-Nature during which Dr. Nye, the publishers, and Dr. Henry Huiyao Wang will jointly release and discuss this new important publication.

Discussion topics:

· Can Sino-US relations break free from the traditional geopolitical competition and transcend the “Cold War”?

· China and the US relationship can be “cooperative rivalry”, what role will “soft power” play in the relationship?

· After four cycles of Sino-US relations, how should we view the current “20-year cycle” and what experiences and lessons can be learned from each cycle? How can we extend the length of the “friendly cycle” and shorten the “adverse cycle”?



10:30-12:00 AM, Friday Apr. 28, 2023 (Beijing Time)




English and Chinese (simultaneous interpretation)


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10:30-10:35 IntroductionDr. Mabel Lu Miao, Co-founder and Secretary-General, CCG10:35-10:50 Speech by the publisher

William Achauer, Editorial Director for Business, Economics and Political Sciences and Law at Springer Nature

Yonggang Hong, Chief Editor, CITIC Press

Leana Li, Regional Director for Booksfor China at Springer Nature

10:50-11:00 Speech by the Book Author

Joseph Nye, author of “Soft Power”, Former Dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

11:00-11:45 Dialogue

Prof. Huiyao Wang, Founder of CCG; Dean, Institute of Development Studies, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Prof. Joseph Nye, author of “Soft Power”, Former Dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

11:45-12:00 Q&A


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