CCG Expands Newsletter Offerings

December 23 , 2022

As probably the only Chinese mainland think tank that over the years has been regularly delivering emailed newsletters in English, we are excited to share with you that we are expanding our newsletter offerings on Substack.

Firstly,we have recently brought into our portfolio Pekingnology, a two-year-old China newsletter that presents valuable Chinese-language discussions on current affairs.

Secondly,we have launched The East is Read , which briefs select Chinese policies.


Thirdly, we have moved CCG’s traditional newsletter to CCG Update , to keep you informed of the reports, events, analyses, commentaries, and other activities of CCG, including many high-impact Chinese mainland settings that aren’t very known internationally.

Substack enables instant unsubscribing within each and every email, so you can unsubscribe anytime with a single click.

As a leading non-governmental think tank in China, we intend, to the best of our abilities and compatible with our resources and limits, to contribute to the vibrant observation and discussions on China in English.

We know we can only retain your subscription with valuable content. With everyone’s inboxes so full these days, that’s an immense challenge few in the Chinese mainland have taken on. But we are ready.

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