“Consensus or Conflict?” awarded “China New Development Award”

August 01 , 2022
Consensus or Conflict? – China and Globalization in the 21st century, co-edited by Henry Huiyao Wang, Founder and President of Center for China and Globalization, and Alistair Michie, Secretary General of the British East Asia Council, was recently awarded the “China New Development Award” at a ceremony held on August 1st at Springer Nature Group’s Beijing office.
PIC 1: Dr. Niels Peter Thomas, President of Springer Nature Greater China and Yanchuan Wang, Managing Director of Springer Nature Greater China present the Award to CCG Founder and President Henry Huiyao Wang

PIC 2: Consensus or Conflict? – China and Globalization in the 21st century

The China New Development Awards were launched in 2019 by the world-renowned publishing house Springer Nature with the goal of recognizing China’s most influential authors and publications in the field of sustainability. This year’s recipients were selected from nearly 870 books and compilations by Chinese authors published by Springer Nature and Palgrave McMillan in 2021. The requirement for the award was that books be edited by Chinese scholars and directly related to one or more of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
PIC 3: CCG Founder and President Henry Huiyao Wang delivers an acceptance speech

PIC 4: Certificate of the “China New Development Award” for the Consensus or Conflict?

Released in 2021, Consensus or Conflict?, aimed to explore solutions to today’s global challenges to both serve as potential policy recommendation for decision makers and help readers to better understand our changing world.
PIC 5: CCG Founder and President Henry Huiyao Wang delivers an acceptance speech

A compilation of works by 38 distinguished opinion leaders and scholars from around the world and a wide spectrum of backgrounds ranging from politics and business to international organizations and research institutions, Consensus or Conflict? is a professional and practical source for new and unique views from some of the world’s best minds on today’s most pressing issues. Contributors include Pascal Lamy, Joseph S. Nye Jr., Edmund Phelps, Lord Jim O’Neill, Wendy Cutler, Peter Maurer, H. E. Shaukat Aziz, Grzegorz W. Kołodko, Guangyao Zhu, Yafei He, Jeffrey Lehman, Denis F. Simon and other 27 generous authors.
PIC 6: UNESCO Representative to China Shahbaz Khan (fifth from left), Dr. Niels Peter Thomas, President of Springer Nature Greater China (third from left),  Yanchuan Wang, Managing Director of Springer Nature Greater China (first from right), Henry Huiyao Wang, and other winners of the 2022 China New Development Award

PIC 7: Books Awarded the 2022 China New Development Award

The title – Consensus or Conflict? – reflects the two choices the world is currently facing. However, to overcome the immediate and mutual challenges the world is facing, it is clear that a consensus must be reached about the future of our world. We have examined this issue in the context of 35 essays contained that are presented in seven themed sections:

1.Policies for Changing the ‘Rules Based World Order’

2.Policies to Create Public Health and Humanitarian Governance Reform

3.Governance to Nurture the Next Generations Through Education, Exchange and Migration

4.Global Governance Trends and Dealing with the Digital and Biosphere Revolutions

5.Global Governance Perspectives from Africa, Asia, North America and Europe

6.Lessons from History for the Next Steps in Global Governance and Trends

7.‘Soft Power’ in Governance, the Burden of Debt and the Crisis of Communications


Consensus or Conflict?
, an open access book that has been downloaded over 200,000 times so far, is the first volume in the “China and Globalization” series co-edited by Dr. Henry Huiyao Wang and Dr. Mabel Lu Miao, Secretary-General of CCG. Other volumes include The Asian 21st CenturyTransition and Opportunity: Strategies from Business Leaders on Making the Most of China’s FutureChina and the World in a Changing Context: Perspectives from Ambassadors to China and The Ebb and Flow of Globalization. This book series seeks to provide a balanced global perspective by gathering the views of highly influential policy scholars, practitioners, and opinion leaders from China and around the world. All five volumes are open access and currently available on Springer Nature’s website.

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