Ambassadors’ Roundtable of 8th China and Globalization Forum

June 06 , 2022


Time:2022-06-20 10:30—2022-06-20 12:30



With 2022, the world has entered the third year of the pandemic while Covid-19 and its unprecedented impact continue to pose a critical threat to the global economy. Globalization is essentially about cross-border mobility of goods, capital, and people. Over the past two years, Covid-induced border restrictions and differing national pandemic responses have made significant impacts on the volume of global trade and FDI and dealt severe blows to mobility-dependent industries such as tourism and international education.

Governments have adopted new mechanisms to adjust and modify response strategies according to changing circumstances. As Covid-19 protocols around the world are loosened at an accelerated pace, the costs and dislocations generated by more than two years of the pandemic are only now beginning to surface. In an ever-more turbulent world, how will global cooperation go forward? Navigating overlapping bilateral, regional, plurilateral, and multilateral fora, how can governments work with one another to reinvigorate the global economy and achieve better global governance?

The Ambassadors Roundtable is part of CCG 8th China and Globalization Forum to held in Beijing on June 19-21. This session will be graced by perspectives from a distinguished group of foreign ambassadors over the most pressing global issues of the day and their suggestions and proposals on fostering global mobility and economic recovery from the covid-19 pandemic.



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