Leana Li:CCG’s new book received warm welcome

October 17 , 2021

Leana Li, Springer Nature Group, Editorial Director for Books, China


On October 11, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) and Springer jointly launched the book, Consensus or Conflict? – China and Globalization in the 21st century, a book focusing on tackling with global challenges and promoting global governance, for the first time in the world.


Below is Leana Li’s address for the book launch:


I’m Li Yan, Editorial Director of Books for Springer Nature China. I am delighted to once again have the pleasure to see President Wang, my colleagues and other distinguished guests today for the launch our new collaborative book Consensus or Conflict? – China and Globalization in the 21st Century.


As the world’s largest publisher of academic books and journals, Springer Nature provides publishing and research services to scholars and researchers in all fields worldwide. It also has deep roots in China, with its earliest business contacts dating back to 1907.


In recent years, Springer Nature has seen a rapid growth in the number of books published on China, and a steady increase in its influence and international attention. Having worked at Springer for about a decade, I have witnessed the rapid and growing influence of Chinese research on the world stage, but in particular the increased attention on China’s output of research in the humanities on the global stage over the past decade. The driving force behind all these is the rise of China, which is engaged in exchanges and cooperation with other countries and regions of the world in different fields and at different levels.


In the post-pandemic era, the world is undergoing changes that have not been seen in a century. Recently, the Chinese government announced its 14th Five-Year Plan and the outline of the 2035 Vision, which set out a strategy for high-quality, healthy and sustainable development. Guided by President Xi Jinping’s key concepts on targeted poverty alleviation, China has lifted nearly 100 million people out of poverty over the past eight years. Perhaps even more inspiring is President Xi Jinping’s commitment to carbon peak targets and his carbon neutral vision.


In his special message at the Davos Forum, President Xi Jinping also explained his advocacy of multilateralism and the building of “a community with a shared future for mankind”, calling on all countries to work together to promote world economic growth, reject ideological prejudices, overcome the North-South development divide and join hands to tackle global challenges. We believe that China will further promote international academic exchanges and cooperation with a more open mind and initiatives. The world needs more practical experiences and theoretical reflections from China in order to understand the real “China story”. Springer Nature will continue to work with the Chinese and international academic community to promote discovery and help countries address global challenges. We will help academics to leverage the theoretical and methodological strengths of academic research, to explain Chinese theory and summarize Chinese practice in a rational and standardized academic presentation, and thus to present the theoretical, logical, cultural and spiritual qualities behind the Chinese story in a more distinctive way. In our publishing, we will continue to maintain transparent, open and objective communication, and adhere to the principles of research and publishing ethics.


CCG is Springer Nature’s key book publishing partner in China. Over the past two to three years, we have worked with CCG to develop two series of books on the themes including international talent mobility and enterprises’ globalization in China, in which we have published the research of President Wang Huiyao and various experts in the field, and received positive feedback from readers around the world. So today I feel very honored and excited to be able to launch the first book in the China and Globalization Series – Consensus or Conflict? – China and Globalization in the 21st Century.


The English version of the China and Globalization Series will be published in the industry-leading Open Access format. This means that the full electronic version of the book will no longer be subject to payment barriers and will be available to all readers worldwide to download for free. The core spirit of Open Access is to break down payment barriers and barriers to knowledge that limit the dissemination of knowledge and ideas, and to enable the content of publications to be read and disseminated to the widest possible audience, thereby facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration and expanding win-win situations. Springer Nature, as one of the world’s leading brands in developing access to publishing, appreciates and admires the CCG’s open and supportive attitude towards open access.


Within just ten days of the launch of our e-publication, this book has seen nearly 40,000 chapter downloads. This is partly due to the technical accessibility of OA, but more importantly, the fact that this book focuses on hot topics around the world and organizes high-quality content from some of the most influential and authoritative authors into coherent and engaging chapters. We look forward to seeing this book gain even more attention in the future and making the impact we know it can in the years to come.


Please watch our website and official social media accounts to download this book and learn about our future publications.



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