Air Li: China’s digital economy is changing from “model introduction” to “model leadership”

September 04 , 2021


Members of CCG and distinguished guests,

Wecom is a team from Wechat to support companies and bussinesess. Last year, due to the pedemic, global economy was suffering from a heavy blow, many companies face a urgent need to move to digital transformation. With the rapid growth of information technology, many countries have already making the transformation. Last year, many experts said that the pedemic accelerated the transformation, and advanced the progress of the Chinese companies by 3-5 years. Many companies one day were taken there not focus on why we should do digital transformation, without doubt and hesitation, but cares how we achieve digital transformation?

Wecom act as a tool to achieve digital transformation by companies, and it’s going to be dedicated to tools of connections by companies, integrates functions like approval procedures. It makes companies more efficient, and actually matain the same user experience as Wechat. By keeping similar features of Wechat, it brings huge convenience in adapting to the company operating.

The connectivity in Wechat\Wecom and Wechat pay, Tencent Meeting,all these products are connected together, which allow companies to expand bussiness within the Wechat eco-system. Driven by the digital economy, remote work has become a needed norm. The pattern provide benefits both to government/public management and company operatinng.

Having connected with more the 100 million wechat users, we are helping many companies and local government to achieve digital transformation. And we also accumulated a lots of new needs, a lot of new experience, that we would like to share with you.The digital needs of company has transfomed deeper, vary from move people\procedure\progress online to dig the deep value of the new pattern.With the witness of rapis growth of technology ,such as 5G, digital economy ,AI, computering. These technology, becoming more mature. The expectations are more on analysing it and then use it, which will actually remarkably improve the efficiency of the companies.

The second observation is that the bussiness model of companies are changing, meanwhile, we are able to help companies to achieve connectivity between companies, like connecting both with supplyers and their downstream customers, and even additionally connnect with customers. When you follow this whole chain, you will realize it symbolizes the change of the bussiness model, indicating that there are some very interesting new roads, new models of the games.

The adaption of China telecom last year has been a prove to connect online and offline vocational work, avoiding and minimize close contact and realize a distinct User growth. The oringinal shortages like difficulty in getting feedback from front stores also been solved with a intelligent managent mode.

Discussion on traffic concept of online marketing, involving communicating with the market, celebrity marketing and community marketing. All these models play very possitive roles during the pedemic last year. During the lockdown period, these companies not just provide service to domestic companies and customers, there are also havig some exports to anothers places. In the past years, people copy American commercial models to China. At the gackground of such a quick digital economy development in China, the situation has beem swifted to some extend, some enterprise level of models is now being copied in other places. So China is becoming a leader ,instead of a follower in the digital economy. For example the Walmart Chian is now completing its digital transformation of 400 stores in China and it’s promoting its Chinese model to international Franchisee and branch like store-to-store collaboration. Still like Walmart Globally, more than 20 Franchisee and branch departments in more than 20 cities are using the Wecom, so it’s a prove of promoting Chinese digital bussiness model worldwide.

Gaps still exist in not only Economic volume of companies, but enterprise, great service and intermediaries, there are still huge potencial and speace for our development. We would like to open up all these ports(API ports).And what we would like to do is to build an analysis layer of tools. In this way, we would like to cooperate with others service providers to provide complete and set up tools.In the whole digital economy, enterprise will no longer be island of data, they will be connected into the value network of the whole society. We believe the interdependence is the model of tomorrow, so we would like to share our strong functionalities, the superior customer experience and our connectivity with Wechat with our companies. In this way, we would like to achieve digital transformation to help them to connect the value of network of the whole society , to really make their data connected and achieve better future of digital economy.


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