Entrepreneur and Talent Management from a Global Perspective:Global Returnees

Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing

Author:Dr. Wang Huiyao and Dr. Liu Yipeng

Release Date:2016

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Entrepreneur and Talent Management from a Global PerspectiveGlobal Returnees

EditorsDr. Wang Huiyao and Dr. Liu Yipeng

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing




Talent has become the most important resource for organizations across a wide range of sectors throughout the world including business, non-profit, and government. These organizations are now engaged in an increasingly fierce competition to acquire the best talent as they seek to gain the upper hand in today’s fast changing environment. By combining the body of knowledge on entrepreneurship and talent management from a global perspective, this book provides a synthesized understanding of entrepreneurial mobility and talent management in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

The expert contributors combine empirical evidence and case studies to provide a nuanced understanding of global talent management from an international comparative perspective. The topics discussed include China’s return migration and its impact on Chinese development, local engagement and transformation of Chinese communities in England, and reverse migration from the US to China. Furthermore, from a comparative perspective, contributors examine global talent and entrepreneurial mobility in the contexts of Silicon Valley, European university spin-off practices and entrepreneurial ecosystems in France, Italy, and South Korea, respectively.

Scholars and students in entrepreneurship and talent management will find the scope for future research useful in their work. Entrepreneurs, managers, and policymakers will benefit from the examination of global perspectives and different national contexts.



  1. Assimakopoulos, D.Baglieri, Z. Chen, M.C. Cinici, L. Daily, T. Duan, T. Fang, W. Hou, A. Isaak,R. Isaak, K.W. Jensen, K-.C. Kim, X. Liu, D. Mavridis, M.L. Miao, A. Moore,Y.M. Myint, T. Petrin, F. Qin, S. Rezaei, T. Sch?tt, F. Sussan, M. Tsouri, H.Wang, B. Wu, W. Zhang, J. Zybura





Yipeng Liu and Huiyao Wang




1.China’s Return Migration and its Impact on Chinese Development

Mabel Lu Miao

2.Returnees as Political Elites: A Growing Social Force in China

Wenxian Zhang

3.The Role of Returnees in Business: A Review

Huiyao Wang, Tinghua Duan, Wenxuan Hou, and Xiaohui Liu

4.Talent among Chinese Entrepreneurs at Home and Abroad

Kent Wickstr?m Jensen, Shahamak Rezaei, and Thomas Sch?tt

5.Outward Foreign Direct Investment by Chinese Firms: The Case of Changzhou

Zhao Chen and Tony Fang

6.Chinese Student Mobility, Local Engagement and Transformation of Chinese Communities in England: An Empirical Study

Bin Wu

7.Transnational Space, Networks, and Entrepreneurship: Reverse Migration from the U.S. to China

Fei Qin




8.Replicating Silicon Valley: Talent and Techno-management in a Culture of Serendipity

Robert Isaak, Andrew Isaak and Jan Zybura

9.European Spin-off Practice: A Comparative Study of Four European Universities

Tea Petrin and Yin Mon Myint

10.(Not) Energizing Microelectronics Ecosystems through a Large Firm’s Inventor Network. Lessons from Italy.

Maria Cristina Cinici and Daniela Baglieri

11.Don’t Lose Sight of the Forest for the Trees: Minalogic and Presto Engineering as a ‘New Argonaut’ in a French ICT Ecosystem

Dimitris Assimakopoulos, Maria Tsouri, Dimitris Mavridis and Alan Moore

12.The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in South Korea: A Review

Fiona Sussan, Louis Daily, and Ki-Chan Kim




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