Johnathan T. Fried visits CCG to discuss G20 and WTO reform




On October 30, 2019, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) hosted a roundtable discussion with Jonathan T. Fried, Personal Representative of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the G20, and former Canadian Ambassador to the WTO.

The conversation between Amb. Fried and CCG experts centered on the role of China in the G20, the WTO modernization agenda and other multilateral trading platforms, China-Canada cooperation, and other regional and international developments. The discussion was chaired by Jiang Shan, CCG senior fellow and former Director-General of the Department of American and Oceanic Affairs in the Ministry of Commerce.

Jonathan T. Fried discussed the global impacts of tariff and non-tariff measures with respect to the US-China trade agenda. He said that the current WTO rules cannot fulfill with each country’s demands for economic development, so WTO reform is needed under a consensus for countries’ common interests and economic prosperity. Fried said it would be better to promote globalization by utilizing regulations and rules on intellectual property. 

Fried also recognized the contribution of CCG and its partners to the promotion of WTO reform and public policy. 

Chong Quan, chair of China Society for WTO Studies, said China has contributed to and benefits from the multilateral trade system and globalization. Chong said China will persist in support of globalization and the global free trade system.

Jiang Shan noted that benefits and challenges coexist for WTO member countries under the current global economic system.

Experts discussed issues related to WTO reform, digital currency and global governance. It was noted that the G20’s sub international business forums like the B20 can offer valuable suggestions for global governance. It was also pointed out that high tech in the era of big data has significant functions, such as digital currency in trade and investment.

CCG, China’s leading non-governmental think tank in China, aims to facilitate global discussion on WTO reform, global governance and the multilateral trade system. On November 2-3, CCG organized the Sixth Inbound and Outbound Forum in Beijing, promoting understanding of issues such as WTO reforms and regional trade opportunities in the Asia-Pacific.

Participants in this roundtable included Dave Murphy, commercial minister of Canadian Embassy; Maxim Berdichevsky, counselor of Canadian Embassy; Samantha Tam, first secretary of Canadian Embassy; Brian Shipley, first secretary of Canadian Embassy; Veronique Houle, second secretary of Canadian Embassy; John Gong, professor at University of International Business and Economics (UIBE); Chong Quan, chair of China Society for WTO Studies, former Vice Minister of Commerce; Mabel Miao, secretary-general of CCG; Andy Mok, senior research fellow of CCG; Sun Jie, senior fellow of CCG, former director of Fund Management at China Securities Regulatory Commission; Jason Wang, chief representative of Beijing Representative Office in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) and Yu Jianwei, deputy director-general of Department of International Relations, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). 



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