Launch of the Chinese Version of World Migration Report 2013

A news conference launching the Chinese version of the World Migration Report 2013 published by the International Organization for Migration, translated by the Center for China and Globalization, was held at the Kempinski Hotel on May 9, 2014. Government officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council attended the news conference and delivered speeches on the importance of the Chinese version of the World Migration Report. This book is be the first Chinese edition of IOM’s World Migration Report Series and helps enhance the Report’s global distribution.

China, the fourth largest source country of immigrants in the world, and an increasingly attractive destination country for immigrants, has attracted more and more attention from researchers and organizations from at home and abroad on the issue of its international migration. Against this background, the publication of the Chinese version of World Migration Report is of significant importance and fills the gap in the foreign language versions of the IOM’s reports.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the only intergovernmental organization in the field of migration. The World Migration Report, one of the key publications of the IOM, has been an important reference for migration policymakers, researchers and administrators.

Ren Yisheng, official from the International Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered a speech at the news conference. He pointed out that three factors make an attractive destination country for migration, including a sound legal framework, inclusiveness and development opportunities.  China, though generally a source country of immigrants, will attract more foreigners to contribute to the development of China with an open and hospitable attitude. He also emphasized the necessity to put migration issues high up on China’s agenda, for it is not only a requirement for the economic development but also an essential issue of social development and cultural integration.

The CCG, a leading think tank with a focus on global talents and talent flow, has published 4 Blue Books every year since 2012, they cover the fields of overseas Chinese students, returnees entrepreneurship, migration and talent mobility. The Annual Report on Chinese International Migration 2014 has been widely reported and credited by domestic and international media.

Amb. William Swing, Secretary-General of the IOM, introduced the main contents of the World Migration Report. He stated that while most reports on migration and development look at the impact of remittances sent back home by migrants, this report takes a different approach by exploring how migration affects a person’s quality of life and his or her human development across a broad range of dimensions.

Dr. Wang Huiyao, Director General of the CCG and organizer of the book’s translation, pointed out that one of the important reasons to translate the book is to have a better understanding of how to attract foreign talent that can contribute to the development of China. Dr. Wang noted that it is an honor for the CCG to have the opportunity to translate the most influential report on migration into Chinese. He commented that this book provides government policymakers with a comprehensive reference, and that China, as an observer of the IOM, should work closely with the IOM and become a member as soon as possible. In his closing remarks, Dr. Wang made recommendations on migration policy for China: first, to grant more green cards and make it easier for foreigners to come to China; second, to promote the implementation of visas that focus on talent; lastly, to set up a department for migrant affairs.


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