CCG organized a roundtable discussion on the government’s policy on overseas Chinese

Co-organized by Center for China and Globalization (CCG) and NCCA, a roundtable discussion on the government’s policy on overseas Chinese was held on Aug 31, 2017. Officials, scholars and experts from the Exit & Entry Administration of Minister of Public Security, the Department of Policy and Regulation of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Of The State Council, Tsinghua University, and Huaqiao University gathered at the headquarter of CCG and offered their own insights into the latest government’s policy on overseas Chinese.

The guests that attended the discussion included Dr. Wang Huiyao, the President of CCG, Dr. Su Ji, the President of NCCA, Dr. Han Qingyuan, the Executive President of NCCA, Dr. Zhao Baisong, the Vice President of NCCA, Dr. Zhouxuan, the expert of “the Thousand Talents Plan”, Dr. Shou Huisheng, the researcher at the Research Institute of National Strategy of Tsinghua University, and Miao Lu, the Secretary of CCG.

During the discussion, the guests reached a consensus that it is important to analyze the implications of new policies for overseas Chinese and experts, scholars and government officials should collaborate more to innovate policies on overseas Chinese so that more overseas Chinese can benefit.

Since its inception, CCG has been devoted to the study of international talents. It has been playing an active role in the policy-making on the globalization of talents. Through the discussion with the representatives of overseas Chinese and the Chinese government, CCG has gained a deeper understanding of the current demand of the overseas Chinese and the progress the government has made in formulating and implementing better policies.


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