The 2017 CTTI report: CCG tops social think tank list for 2 consecutive years with a wide margin

January 05 , 2018

Center for China and Globalization(CCG) gets the champion position among the top 10 social think tanks in China according to the  2017 China Think Tank Index (CTTI) report jointly published by Center for China Think Tank Studies and Evaluation (CCTTSE) of Nanjing University and Think Tank Research and Release Center of Guangming Daily on December 21st, 2017.




Ranking Think Tank Comprehensive marks

1 CCG 2688.5

2 Pangoal 1990.5

3 Changjiang Education Research Institute 1850

4 “One Belt One Road” 100 Forum 1006

5 China Region Development   & Reform Institute 974

6 CQTI 871

7 Intellisia 629

8 China Silk Road iValley Research Institute 559.5

9 China Institute of Science   and Technology Evaluation 516

10 The Charhar Institute 470



No.1 social think tank in CTTI rankings




CTTI is a leading  and the biggest think-tank vertical search engine and statistical management platform with complete intellectual property in China, providing powerful data services for users including data arrangement, searching, analyzing and application based on overall data collection and evaluation. CTTI has 4 database subsets, each respectively accounts for institutions, experts, publications and events.


In the 2017 China Think Tank Index (CTTI) report, CCG is placed No.1 in the social think tank group scoring 2688.5 points comprehensively. The score is calculated according to MPRA methodology in which M stands for Management, R for Recourses, P for Publications and A for Activities. It is a process-outcome oriented evaluation in consideration of think-tanks’ capability of operating resources as well as the impact of researches and activities.







As the report indicates, CCG composing of Advisory Council, Academic Council, International Expert Council and a professional team of researchers and administrative staffs performed well in integrating  management structure and sufficient resources.. The major reason to the twice champions depends on the full-scale social network system that CCG has established. With bilingual official websites, 3 Wechat official accounts and 2 official weibo accounts, CCG plays it well as a media platform to affect mass and governmental policies.  What’s more, high-quality publications are also what makes CCG stand out as No.1 Chinese social think-tank, a considerable amount of books, policy advice, articles as well as reports have been published by CCG in the past year.





On January 1st, 2017, the 2016 Global Go to Think Tank Index Report was released by Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP), University of Pennsylvania,  of US. CCG ranked 111th of the Top Think Tanks Worldwide, which is the 8th best ranking of Chinese think tanks on the list. Besides, CCG was the best Chinese think tank with regard to several special achievements, according to the TTCSP rankings as “the Best Use of the Internet”, “the Most Innovative Policy Ideas/Proposals” and “Best Quality Assurance and Integrity Policies and Procedures”.


In addition, in the 2017 Report on Big Date of B&R Initiative, CCG was rewarded the second best social think tank in terms of social impacts, following closely to the prestigious think tank China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE). In the same report, Dr. Wang Huiyao, CCG president, was on the list of the most active experts in promoting B&R initiative.


According to other main streaming Chinese think tank index, CCG also got good grades and outstanding rankings, especially in the field of public opinion, international influences and social impacts.


In essence, think tank is an “idea factory” for the public policy-making. As a leading social think tank in China, CCG always stays true to its missions and keep making high-quality products including all kinds of publications as well as various events. Since it was founded, CCG has been devoting itself into the fields Global Talents, Enterprise Globalization, Chinese Globalization Strategy and Global Governance. The expertise in those research fields above has strengthened CCG’s leading role among Chinese social think tanks.


Apart from the numerous CCG bluebooks published in partnership with the Social Science Academic Press (SSAP), one of Chinese high-level publishers, CCG has also print out a dozen of other academic books both in Chinese and English. Meanwhile, CCG also takes the think tank itself as a research topic, several related monographs with in-depth studies of top global think tanks has been finished in recent years.


In 2017, globalization had encountered unprecedented backlash and challenges. Under this situation, as the first Chines think tank named after “globalization”, CCG has kept an eye on the tendency of globalization, global governance as well as Chinese strategies in respond. CCG experts and staffs have devoted into these topics and came up with diverse analyses and policy recommendations towards nearly every key and influential global affairs. With clear missions and persistent efforts, CCG will try the best to maintain our excellence and make more and better contribution in 2018.

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