CCG economic and trade seminar


On Sept. 12, CCG brought together a group of senior economic and trade experts and scholars to a seminar at its headquarters, led by CCG Honorary Chairman and former Minister of Commerce Mr. Chen Deming, to discuss the issues including the Sino-US trade frictions and the impact on global value chain, key issues and solution to the Sino-US economic relations, and the possibilities for China’s accession to CPTPP.

The perspectives and ideas shared the seminar will be taken as reference for the upcoming 6th Forum on the Globalization of Chinese Enterprises to be held on Nov. 2-3, and compiled into policy advisory reports on furthering the reform and opening-up, promoting China’s globalization and participation in global governance. 



Beside his insights about the key issues discussed, Mr. Chen also acknowledged CCG’s growing international influence. He hoped that CCG scholars and experts can keep up with the good work and continue to provide valuable advice on the policymaking.



Dedicated to the research on promoting globalization, international relations, multilateral cooperation and global development, CCG held this seminar, as the Sino-US trade relations and multilateral trading system encounter setback now, to continue to support economic globalization and free trade and investment.


This effort will be carried into the 6th Forum on the Globalization of Chinese Enterprises in November, which will be hosted by CCG and several of its partners including UN China and AmCham China, and EUCCC. A number of senior government officials, top executives of MNCs, heads of international organizations and chambers of commerce, diplomats and scholars are expected to attend the forum, bringing their insights on how to navigate the world economy against the tides caused by uncertain prospect of the Sino-US trade relations, deglobalization trend and their suggestion on how China can further its reform and opening up by improving the investment environment. Meanwhile, they will present the ideas about how to innovate investment and multilateral trading strategies under the “Belt and Road” Initiative framework and create new opportunities in global value chain and regional economic cooperation.

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