Mabel Lu MIAO
Vice President of CCG & Secretary General of CCG

Mabel Lu MIAO , Co-founder, Vice President of CCG & Secretary General of CCG. Dr. Miao got her PhD degree on Contemporary Chinese Studies from Beijing Normal University and had been a visiting scholar at New York University and Harvard University. She has participated in a number of Chinese government’s and Social Science Foundation’s research projects and she has published many research papers and books. The latest new well known Chinese Blue Books she has authored and edited are: The Chinese Enterprises Globalization Report 2014/2015;The Chinese Overseas Students Development Report 2013/2014; The Chinese Overseas Returnees Development Report 2013/2014/2015; Chinese Overseas Professionals Report 2014; Chinese Enterprises Globalization Report 2014/2015;Chinese International Migration Report 2015; all published by China Social Science Academy Press, the most prestigious publishing house under China Social Science Academy. Her latest book also includes Global Think tanks, which is the best seller on the subject in China. In another capacity, Dr. Miao is a Deputy Director of International Writing Center of Beijing Normal University, where she assists Mo Yan, the Center Director and the Chinese Nobel Laureate in Literature.

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