The Three Years: recalling the classes of 77, 78 and 79

Publisher:People's Publishing House

Author:Wang Huiyao,CCG President and Miao Lu, CCG General Secretary

Release Date:10/2018

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The Three Years: recalling the classes of 77, 78 and 79 by CCG President Dr Wang Huiyao and CCG Secretary General Dr Miao Lu, was published by People’s Publishing House. This book takes focus on the first three years of undergraduate students to attend university after the resumption of college entrance exams following the end of the Cultural Revolution, their life trajectory intangibly integrated with the reform and opening-up. At the rock face of China’s growing engagement with the world they became witnesses, promoters and defenders of reform and opening-up. Forty years later, many of them have become the backbone of China’s social and economic development, key opinion leaders on China’s path of continuing development. This book is a collection of inspirational stories, thoughts and dreams of over 40 representatives of this generation, such as Chen Ping, Qian Yingyi, Meng Xiaosu, Xu Xiaoping, Tang Min and Zuo Xiaolei. This book highlights the great historical and practical significance in looking back over these personal histories, distilling the spirit of reform for future generations and encouraging the promotion of continued reform and opening up.