Rising Tide: Forty Years of Chinese Enterprises Going Global

Publisher:China Social Sciences Academic Press

Author:Wang Huiyao,CCG President and Miao Lu, CCG General Secretary

Release Date:12/2018

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Rising Tide: Forty Years of Chinese Enterprises Going Global was compiled by CCG President Dr Wang Huiyao and CCG General Secretary Dr Miao Lu, and published by China Social Sciences Press. This book reviews and summarizes the 40-year journey of Chinese enterprises and globalization; it points out ten “casting off” paths for Chinese enterprises going overseas, and puts forward corresponding suggestions according to the challenges commonly faced on the road of enterprise globalization. The publication of this book aims to be a guide for future Chinese companies wishing to “go global”; contributing crucial research and statistics on globalization of Chinese enterprises, this book is of great significance to the future development of the globalization of Chinese enterprises.