CCG continues to conduct two-way research on corporate globalization, the "go global" movement and inwards investment. Our research includes topics including U.S.-China trade, international trade, inbound investment, outbound investment and digital trade in an international context.

CCG is constantly looking for more ways to promote global free trade and has taken the lead in promoting China's participation in the CPTPP and publishing a series of relevant research reports. In addition, CCG's research team compiles and publishes the only Chinese blue book report on the globalization of Chinese enterprises: Chinese Enterprises Globalization, published by China Academy of Social Sciences Press.

CCG has also published a series of books on the globalization of enterprises in both English and Chinese, including Report on Development of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, Rising Tide: 40 Years of Chinese Enterprises Going Global, China Goes Global and The Globalization of Chinese Enterprises. CCG also holds the China Outbound-inbound Forum, the most influential forum in China focusing on the development and globalization of enterprises.

CCG has set up several sub-forums on international issues related to international trade and investment, gathering leaders of multinational enterprises, ambassadors to China, former government officials, heads of international organizations and chambers of commerce, experts from top international think tanks and other influential people from home and abroad. In-depth discussion with renowned scholars has helped to develop the event into a high-end international forum for promoting the globalization of enterprises.