Global governance, international organizations, regional cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are key subjects of CCG's globalization research. As China's first think tank named and dedicated to globalization, CCG founded the China and Globalization Forum and contributes to international discussions related to globalization. It has organized seminars under themes such as WTO reform, multilateral governance, and the BRI. CCG was the first body to hold a BRI-themed event at the Munich Security Conference, a world-leading conference in the field of international security and governance.

Based on years of research in the field of globalization, CCG has published numerous research reports and books, including Win-Win International Cooperation and Path to Achievement of the Belt and Road, Globalization and Anti-Globalization and What’s Next for Globalization? Great Changes and China’s Proposed Approaches. The Handbook on China and Globalization published by Edward Elgar Publishing is one of the few books published in English by a Chinese think tank with an authoritative international academic publisher. Two of the CCG's initiatives were selected for inclusion in the first Paris Peace Forum, pioneering a new model for Chinese think tanks to fully participate in global governance and international cooperation. In addition, CCG has long-term cooperation with the WTO, UN, OECD, World Bank, IMF and many other international organizations, international think tanks and related institutions.