What’s Next for Globalization?

Thursday,Sep 27, 2018


What’s Next for Globalization? Great Changes and China’s Proposed Approaches is authored by CCG President Dr Wang Huiyao and CCG General Secretary Dr Miao Lu, and published by China Social Sciences Press. This book gives a systematic explanation and reflection of globalization, as well as expressing expectations on the future of the process as the title hints. Also included is a detailed analysis of the "China solution”, as seen through the eyes of Chinese scholars in the field of globalization. Through this, the book aims to promote "China wisdom" and the "China solution" to the world in order to further progress globalization.



  • Trade war unlikely between China and U.S.

    The incoming U.S. president Donald Trump adds more uncertainty to the Sino-US relations, but Trump’s aggressive remarks on economics and trade would not bring about a trade war between the two economic giants, which would otherwise make both suffer, experts warned prior to Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 19.

  • 【CGTN】 Vice Premier Liu He: A New Structural Transformation

    On Oct. 19, Chinese Vice-Premier Liu said that the country will strive to maintain steady economic growth and properly ward off financial risks with the macro leverage ratio kept relatively stable.

  • Trade beats a quarrel

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang says it is not in anyone’s interests for a trade war to break out between China and the United States.

  • 【China Watch】Report offers glimpse into Chinese international migration

    he Annual Report on Chinese International Migration (2018), a subset of the Blue Book of Global Talent series, was published in June, providing a panorama of the current situation of international migrants with a focus on China. The report, compiled by Center for China and Globalization(CCG), points out that seven of the top 20 destinations for those Chinese emigrants in 2015 are countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, namely Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

  • Harvey Dzodin: The Singapore Summit —Where’s the beef ?

    The Singapore Summit is now history. US President Donald Trump and DPRK leader Kim Jong Un did everything, except come to any significant specific agreement.