The CCG’s ‘track-II’ diplomacy in America (V) – CCG paid a return visit to AEI, one of the most important think tanks of the Trump’s government

Thursday,Oct 19, 2017


On Oct 2, 2017, representatives from the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) visited AEI, one of the most important think tanks of President Trump in Washington D.C. Two weeks ago, the resident scholar of AEI Kevin Hassett was appointed by Trump as President of Council of Economic Adviser of the White House. Therefore, the communication between the two think tanks is critical to the economic and trade development of China and America, global governance and the booming of world economy.



On May 18, 2017, a team from AEI was invited by CCG to visit China and the two groups co-organized a symposium around the economic and trade development of China and America. Seven resident scholars, senior researchers, and researchers from AEI expressed their opinions on the issues including Trump’s presidency, the two economies’ interdependence and interaction, the trade between China and America and the communication between the two countries after Mar-a-Lago summit’. They analyzed the current situation and the future development of China and America’s relations and predicted the opportunities and challenges for the two countries’ economy and trade. Through their efforts, the two countries strengthened their communications and deepened their mutual trust.




In August 2014, as the senior researcher of AEI and the former economic advisor of President George Bush’s presidential campaign, Kevin Hassett was invited by CCG to the ‘high-profile forum of strategic thinking’ held in China. During the forum, Mr. Hassett exchanged his views with more than 20 scholars and experts from the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC, National People's Congress Law Committee, Development Research Center under the State Council and etc. Their conversations covered issues such as economic reform, the cooperation of companies, international relations and geopolitical coordination.


 AEI has been one of the most influential think tanks in policy-making in America. Mr. Hassett was appointed as President of Council of Economic Adviser of the White House this year on Sep 12. This is the central federal department influencing economic policies in the U.S. Considering that Mr. Hassett is an expert in tax reform and the Trump’s government has set tax reform on top of its agenda, it can be expected that Mr. Hassett’s proposals will carry heavy influence in topics surrounding America’s tax reform.


Another senior researcher of AEI, Ms. Karlyn Bowman also met with the CCG team in Washington D.C. She was among the experts who visited China in May 2017. Ms. Bowman has been studying public opinions and sentiment in politics for 38 years. She has published many well-known books and reports on these issues. During this visit, she shared with the team of CCG her opinions on many current topics, such as the groups within the Republican Party, tax reform, gun control triggered by the tragedy of Las Vegas and etc.


As the world’s largest and second largest economies, the trade and economic relations between China and America have a deep impact on the development of world economy. The discussion of CCG and AEI provided strong support to the study of the two countries’ policies and their efforts brought about a stronger reputation among the two think in their respective abilities to influence policy-making.

The cultural exchange between China and America is significant to strengthening the two countries’ bond. Apart from the return visit CCG paid to AEI, CCG also visited the Consulate-General of China in New York and exchanged opinions with Council on Foreign Relation, Committee of 100, and other organizations. Moreover, it shared views with Asia ociety over the development of American think tanks, the prosperity of Asia, security and sustainable development. In addition, CCG visited Washington and organized an investment symposium at Capitol Hill, which contributed to the incoming meeting between the leaders of the two countries. Thereafter, the team will visit Department of Commerce of the U.S. and organize several symposiums with many world-class think tanks in America, including the Heritage Foundation and Migration Policy Institute.

As a leading independent think tank from China, CCG’s visit has facilitated and materialized the cultural exchange and cooperation between China and America. The CCG team includes the following participants: Wang Huiyao, the President of CCG, Miao Lu, the Secretary-General of CCG, Li Weifeng, the Executive Secretary-General of CCG, Tang Beijie, the Deputy Secretary-General, Xiao Huilin, the Senior Researcher of CCG, Wang Zhi, the Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG, and Li Yeqing, the Non-Resident Senior Fellow.


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