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Luo Yadong

Dr. Luo Yadong is the Emery M. Findley Distinguished Chair of Graduate Business Studies and Professor of Management at University of Miami, where he served as Chairman of Management Department. He is also an elected Fellow of Academy of International Business.

Professor Luo has emerged as the world’s top research scholar in international management since the mid-90s. He has published over 150 articles in major refereed journals in international business and management, including AMJ, ASQ, AMR, SMJ, JIBS, JAP, Org. Science, among others. He also authored more than a dozen books and about a hundred other publications. His research interests include global corporate strategy, global corporate governance, international joint ventures, and management in emerging economies, among others. Professor Luo’s research record includes seminal pieces on important and timely topics, such as co-opetition in international business, business-government relationships, cross-cultural cooperative strategies, multinational enterprises in emerging markets, and international expansion of emerging market enterprises.

He is also an expert in research on several frontier issues, such as dynamic capabilities in global business, cultural friction in international interactions, organizational justice in inter-firm relationships, anti-corruption in organizations, opportunism in interfirm exchanges, global language design, and global dimensions of corporate governance. His writing on the recent development of business and management in emerging markets, notably China, is particularly path-breaking and offers a wealth of understanding of this critical context and business activities that are unfolding there. According to APJM (25/2, 2008 and 24/3, 2007), he was the world’s most prolific author in leading international business journals between 1996 and 2006, and world’s most prolific author on Chinese management (2000-2006). According to Google Scholar, his research has been cited over10,000 times.

Professor Luo received his Ph.D from Temple University. Prior to coming to the United States, he was a provincial official in charge of international business in China. He currently is a consulting editor of JIBS, editor of JWB, senior editor of MOR, advisor of GSJ, guest editor of AMJ, and review board member of SMJ. He is the recipient of a dozen research and teaching awards at U. of Miami and U. of Hawaii where he taught before joining UM, including the Faculty Senate Distinguished Scholar Award in 2009 (first ever by UM business school faculty) and Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research in 1999 (first ever by UH business school faculty).