Solutions and approaches to international win-win cooperation on B&R initiative

Wednesday,Jul 26, 2017



Solutions and approaches to int'l win-win cooperation on B&R initiative-1

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The recent years have witnesses the rise of de-globalization momentum. Some observers even lament that it signals the end of the era of globalization. At the 11th G20 Summit in Hangzhou last September, China made the development issue as top priority of the agenda. In January, Chinese President Xi pledged during his keynote speech in the UN Office in Geneva that China was committed to forging a new partnership of win-win cooperation and creating a community of shared future for mankind.

The report believes that more and more countries have been inspired to seek closer international cooperation and regional integration, which heralds the beginning of the new model of globalization, and coincidently the “the Belt and Road” initiative can be one of the key solutions to the new model.

The report recalls the background of the initiative and points out its significant role in the process of the new model of globalization as it is facing a series of setbacks across the world.

Based on the analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing the B&R, the report provides 20 suggestions on how to make it a win-win deal for all the national participants.

  • Building B&R international community and international governance mechanism
  • Establishing B&R standing committee and setting up annual conference system with rotating chairmanship
  • Forming a UN agency for B&R to strengthen the coordination with existing UN organizations
  • Enhancing cooperation with the international organizations such as WTO, World Bank and IMF
  • Inviting more developed countries including the United States, EU member states, Japan and Republic of Korea to join the initiative
  • Forging partnership with key countries along the belt and road
  • Establishing B&R international alliance of enterprises
  • Organizing B&R Summit for the World top 500 MNCs
  • Implementing B&R demonstration projects in selected countries
  • Pushing forward B&R green development
  • Enhancing overseas industrial parks’ role in B&R
  • Leveraging overseas Chinese community to achieve win-win cooperation through B&R
  • Promoting tourism to become a leading role in the B&R international cooperation
  • Strengthening educational exchange and cooperation along the belt and road to cultivate more talent
  • Facilitating people mobility along the belt and road and encouraging migration to the countries involved
  • Developing B&R cross-border e-commerce to build a “digital Silk Road”
  • Pooling international financial resource to invest in B&R
  • Establishing a unified dispute resolution mechanism to strengthen legal protection along the belt and road
  • Leveraging international professional organizations such as those for accountants and engineers
  • Attaching more attention to the role of think tanks, NGOs and other civil society organizations in promoting B&R