• Global Trade & Investment

    CCG contributes to the study of global trade and investment, Through holding research and convening high level events, helping China’s enterprises go abroad. The research include Sino-US trade, FDI. To conduct one Belt and One Road initiative, CCG set up The “One Belt, One Road” Institute of CCG, and Annual Forum on the Globalization of Chinese Enterprises attracts over 500 attendees from around the globe.

  • Global Migration

    As China is facing the third wave of migration since the reform and opening-up, which is an integral part of global migration. China now still has the barriers in attracting overseas Chinese and international migrations. CCG conducts research on global migration, published the book of Reverse Migration in Contemporary China:Returnees, Entrepreneurship and the Chinese Economy, International Migration of China: Status, Policy and Social Responses to the Globalization of Migration.

  • Global Governance

    China’s provision of public goods to the world is expected to be strengthened, and with the responsibility of Human destiny community, China will take a more active role in the global governance process, especially given the current climate of de-globalization. CCG conducts research on Global governance, as well as China’s future role of global governance. CCG co-published the report of 2016 the future of global governance: China perspective State’s participation index of global governance world report.

  • Global Affairs

    China is becoming a global player with its increasing influence in the Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America. CCG conducts research on China’s international affairs from economic, strategic and cultural aspects, including Regional Integration, Bilateral Relations, Public Diplomacy research.

  • Global Talent Policy

    Our research on global talent focuses on the development of Chinese and international talent, as well as the role of “returnees” on China’s economic and social progress, we conduct many research, like the cultivation of global talents, studying aboard, returnees report, overseas Chinese, talents mobility, and talents training of multinational companies. CCG published annual reports about talents and returnees, Report on China’s Regional International Talents Competitiveness (2017), and Report on Employment & Entrepreneurship of Chinese Returnees 2017.