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New Year Message from CCG

Monday,Jan 01, 2018

From: CCG



Happy New Year from Center for China and Globalization (CCG) ! The past year proved no ordinary for us and the world. China and globalization, the subject we’ve built CCG’s mission around, experienced a transformation that will probably impact on world politics for decades to come. While globalization was at the crossroads and China poised to play a role larger than ever in global governance in 2017, CCG rose to the occasion by our enduring dedication, our team’s hard work, and our friends’ unwavering support. At the dawn of 2018, let us take a moment to express our sincerest gratitude to all that helped us make tremendous progress throughout the memorable year!

CCG’s year of 2017 is defined by these impressive numbers:

▶ 60 research projects

▶ 223 policy briefs

▶ 18 research reports

▶ 14 published books in the Chinese and English languages

▶ 156 public events

▶ 10,000 plus news articles and media quotes

▶ 49,563,000 Google search queries

Taking an opportunity we would like to present CCG 2017 highlights:

Bridge-building for the US-China relations.

In 2017, CCG concentrated its resources heavily on improving the trade and investment relations between China and the US. Following closely the development of American politics and the rising de-globalization tendency since the election of Mr. Donald Trump, we published research reports and policy papers at almost every inflection point in the bilateral relations. Our senior fellows, many of whom are former high-ranking MOFCOM officials and MFA diplomats, contributed significantly to the public conversations about the importance of strengthening the economic and social ties between the two countries. 

In May, we hosted 7 scholars from AEI, one of America’s top-notch think tanks and its first largest delegation to visit China. A symposium was jointly held by CCG and AEI to discuss the trends and developments of the economic relations after Mr. Xi and Mr. Trump met at Mar-a-Lago. In Oct. CCG president Dr. Wang Huiyao led a CCG delegation to the US angling for better understanding of the shifting climate facing business elites and policymakers. In New York City and D.C., we had 12 meetings and events featuring America’s best China specialists and most important members of the business community at Council on Foreign Relations, Asia Society, Committee of 100, and so on. Held at Senate building in Washington DC, the symposium on Chinese investment in the US drew a compact crowd of stakeholders from the both sides. The delegates met with the lead politicians on the issue at Capitol Hill the following day to discuss the concerns. In DC, CCG delegation also met Dr. Edwin Feulner, founder of the Heritage Foundation and senior representatives from ASPI, Brookings, AEI, Carnegie, CSIS, PIIE, MPI, CAP, Wilson Center and more to strengthen the ties between CCG and these well-known think tanks representing top policymaking community in the US to exchange ideas about what can be done to improve the US-China relations.

Outreach to China’s Globalizing Sectors.

In 2017, we welcomed 55 new members to CCG Advisory Council, pushing the number of members to 170 in total. Led by CCG Chair Long Yongtu, Co-Chair He Yafei, and Co-Chair Ronnie Chan and President Wang Huiyao, CCG Advisory Council probably represents the most open and outward-looking segments of the Chinese economy and society. Bound by a shared mission to promote China’s openness, our vice chairs, senior council members, and regular members, the very practitioners of economic globalization, voiced the salient issues in the “go global” movement and helped us communicate them to policymakers and decision-makers via many policy consultation roundtables, the publication of 2017 Bluebook on Globalization of Chinese Enterprises and a series of forums and conferences such as the 4th meeting of China Outbound Forum. 

In Nov. 2017, CCG launched its Hong Kong Council besides the ones established in Shanghai and Guangzhou, making it one of very few Chinese major think tanks that established branch in the special administrative region. Tapping into the island’s business elites, CCG Hong Kong Council was set up to carve out a larger role for Hong Kong to play in the mainland’s major programs such as the Belt and Road Initiatve and the “greater bay area” initiative to link up Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau. Former Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying attended and addressed the inauguration ceremony. The first Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa sent his congratulatory letter. 

Recognition by the Think Tank Communities at Home and Abroad.

According to the “2016 Global Go To Think Tank Index” by the University of Pennsylvania Think Tank and Civil Society Program (TTCSP), CCG ranked 111th of the top think tanks worldwide and was one of the world’s top 40 independent think tanks. Not long ago, CCG was awarded by China Management Science Society as one of the “Ten Best Chinese Organizations of Managerial Values”, and CCG president Dr. Wang Huiyao as one of the China Top Ten People of Year of 2017. 

The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Open-up and the 10th anniversary of the founding of CCG. Obviously the latter cannot hold a candle to the former, the historical event that lifted 800 millions people out of poverty, sent China on the fast track to national rejuvenation, and forever changed the fabrics of the Chinese society and world politics. However, we feel our destiny has been woven into China’s Reform and Open-up. The country’s thrust to drive the momentum of globalization was matched by a commitment to bringing about “openness of higher standard” at the 19th Party Congress. Looking into 2018, it is likely that the world will see no less “black swans,” threats of “grey rhinos,” de-globalization trends and uncharted waters in the relations between the world’s two largest economies as it did in 2017. The future of globalization is no rosy picture. Committed to China and globalization, CCG shall remind itself to always remain true to its original mission and give its best. Once again, we thank you for your support and attention to CCG and wish you a very Happy New Year of 2018!

Center for China and Globalization (CCG)