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Interview with a central committee member of Jiusan Society | CGTN

Sunday,Oct 22, 2017

From: CGTN



Doctor Wang Huiyao, a central committee member of the Jiusan Society on China’s democratic consultation has an interview with CGTN. /CGTN Screenshot


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The Jiusan Society is one of the major democratic parties in China. Found in 1946, it has its name referring to the date of China’s victory in the War of Anti-Japanese Aggression on September 3, 1945.

The party’s political stand is to carry on the tradition of democracy and science. It had more than 164,000 members across the nation by the end of 2016, mostly intellectuals in the fields of science, technology, education and medicine.

During the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China, CGTN interviewed Dr. Wang Huiyao, a central committee member of the Jiusan Society on China’s democratic consultation.



Doctor Wang Huiyao, a central committee member of the Jiusan Society on China’s democratic consultation. /Xinhua Photo

Wang made a positive comment on the report made by General Secretary Xi Jinping of the Communist Party of China’s Central Committee, in the 19th CPC National Congress. He said that the CPC is really motivating all the parties, so that every major decision of the CPC is consulted and discussed among the democratic parties. He stressed that the democratic parties have channels to impact policy-making in China.

As to the objectives set in Xi’s report, Wang said China has long-range planning and objectives, and Xi’s report has much emphasis on the international, global and common development of the mankind, not only for China, but also for the world in the future.

Wang said that he sees in Xi’s report that the democratic consultation is emphasized among the different parties, groups and societies, and even among the social organizations like think tanks. So it’s quite relevant for Jiusan Society and other parties to have even wider base for the decision-making and democratic consultation.

When it comes to China’s next five years of development, Wang said, the country will have more development on the right track, with more democratic decision-making. He believes that democratic parties in China should be strengthened, and play more of a role in the decision-making process, and offer better policies and solutions for the country’s development in the long run.


From CGTN, Oct. ,  2017


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