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How can Chinese overseas companies deal with Trump policies? | The Point

Tuesday,Apr 18, 2017


When Chinese President Xi Jinping meets US President Donald Trump in Florida, the imbalance trade between two countries was high on their agenda. How much will Trump propose 1 trillion dollars infrastructure plan for the next decade? How this economic relationship? How can Chinese overseas companies deal with Trump policies? The Point Studio inviting Dr. Wang Huiyao, President of Center for China and Globalization(CCG), to share his opinions about the future of the bilateral cooperation in the US’s infrastructure development and One Belt, One Road initiative.

Wang Huiyao said ,CRRC going into US market is a good example for Chinese companies working on the infrastructure projects in the US. Trump’s 1 trillion dollars plan will provide more opportunities in this field, and CCG had recently released a report on above issue, titled “Infrastructure Cooperation-New Opportunities for US-China Relations”, and there are 7 Reasons for optimism in US-China cooperation over infrastructure investment:

●1.  Chinese investment in US infrastructure will come to Trump’s aid in helping his administration boost the economy.

●2. Increased infrastructure investments inthe US will provide business opportunities for Chinese construction and engineering contractors.

●3. Infrastructure cooperation will prompt Chinese rail transportation companies to pursue a more effective “going global” strategy.

●4. Trump’s infrastructure plan will further motivate Chinese heavy equipment manufacturing conglomerates to expand into US markets.

●5. Cutting-edge US mass transport experiments, such as Hyperloop, will have more Chinese high-tech companies as partners.

●6. Infrastructure cooperation aligns with an ongoing trend for large institutional investors to take an interest in US infrastructure from an asset management perspective.

●7. There is large room for growth in the development of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in the US.

Dr. Wang believes that China can share experiences with US on infrastructure development, and welcomes the US to join One Belt, One Road initiative.

From ,2017-04-18
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