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CGTN Dialogue | UK HUAWEI BAN: UK reverses previous decision

Friday,Jul 17, 2020

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The UK has announced a ban on Huawei from providing 5G services in the country. It joins a growing list of countries, led by the U.S., that have banned or are considering banning the Chinese telecom giant's 5G network. These include Australia, India, Japan, and Canada. The U.S. claims Huawei would use the network to spy for the Chinese government, but gives no evidence to back its claim. China opposes Britain's decision and says it's driven by the politicization of commercial and technological issues, not by national security. So, did pressure from the U.S. lead to the UK's decision? How will already-fragile China-UK relations be affected? And what does the ban mean for British and telecommunications and tech-development considering the massive potential of 5G?


Joe Kelly,Vice President of Corporate Communications of Huawei;

Jeffrey Towson, Host of Jeff's Asia Tech Class;

Wang Huiyao, President of the Center for China and Globalization(CCG).

From CGTN,2020-07-17
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