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CCG ranked among world’s top 80 think tanks

Wednesday,Feb 05, 2020

The Center for China and Globalization (CCG) has been ranked in Top 100 think tanks worldwide, rising from 94th to 76th in 2019, as well as earning a spot in 15 other categories in the 2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report. Launch events in over 150 cities across the globe, including New York, Paris, Washington DC and London, marked the release of the report on January 30, 2020.

Since 2006, the Global Go To Think Tank Index (GGTTI) report has raised understanding of the role think tanks play in governments and civil societies around the world. This is the 14th consecutive year that the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) of the University of Pennsylvania has released this internationally- recognized annual report. This year’s report contained a total of 54 rankings, spanning the four major categories of overall ranking, region, area of research and special achievements.

Overall Ranking

For the third year in a row, CCG has been recognized as one of the world’s top 100 think tanks – the only Chinese non-governmental think tank to make this list. Furthermore, this ranking has risen significantly to number 76, up 18 places from last year. CCG also ranks in 15 categories in the report.

(Chinese Think Tank rankings)

Regional Rankings

In the Top Think Tanks in China, India, Japan, and the Republic of Korea category, which ranked 27 Chinese think tanks, CCG came in 18th, claiming the top place among Chinese independent think tanks.

2019 Top Think Tanks in China, India, Japan, and the Republic of Korea
(Chinese Think Tank rankings)

Special Achievements Rankings

CCG also featured in a diverse range of lists in this year’s GGTTI rankings in the special achievement categories.

CCG ranked 37th in the Best Independent Think Tank category, earning the top ranking among Chinese think tanks for the third consecutive year.

CCG also ranked 25th in the 2019 Best Institutional Collaboration Involving Two or More Think Tanks and 28th in 2019 Best Quality Assurance and Integrity Policies and Procedures, as the only Chinese think tank in both lists.

Furthermore, CCG ranked highly in the Think Tank to Watch in 2019 list, coming in at 22nd globally and highest-ranking Chinese think tank in the list for the third consecutive year. In the area of policy studies, CCG ranked in 60th in the 2019 Think Tanks with Outstanding Policy-Oriented Research Programs list, 120th in the 2019 Top Foreign Policy and International Affairs Think Tanks list, and 66th in 2019 Think Tank with the Most Significant Impact on Public Policy list. CCG’s report The Data Revolution: How China Can Capture the Digital Trade Opportunities at Home and Abroad was also recognized as one of the best policy study-reports produced by a think tank in 2019.

Management and operation are as important as policy research for think tanks, especially for non-governmental think tanks like CCG. CCG ranked 47th in the Top Think Tanks with Annual Operating Budgets of Less Than $5 Million USD.

In terms of innovation, CCG ranked 43rd in the list of Best New Idea or Paradigm Developed by a Think Tank and was ranked first in the list of selected Chinese think tanks. CCG also ranked 48th, 25th, 68th respectively in the Best Use of Media (Print or Electronic), the Best Use of the Internet and the Best Use of Social Media and Networks.

Above all, CCG once again entered the top 100 think tanks comprehensive rankings in the “2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index”, becoming the only Chinese non-governmental think tank to feature in the top 100 list for three consecutive years.

2019 was another remarkable year for CCG, with new challenges and opportunities as the existing international order and global economy undergo profound changes. CCG has been active in the international community this year, attending numerous international conferences and holding seminars, often as the only non-governmental Chinese think tank or institution present. As the only think tank in China who has been granted “Special Consultative Status” by the Economics and Social Council of United Nation (ECOSOC),CCG has built up its international platform by co-hosting several forums. Throughout the year, CCG also continued to host a series of global events to facilitate policy formulation and exchange of ideas. Moreover, to promote new academic and non-governmental exchange and strengthen international cooperation, CCG organized a series of "CCG Roundtable Discussions" at its Beijing headquarters to share insights, featuring government officials, ambassadors, experts from thinks tanks, international institutions and scholars from different countries.

About the 2019 GGTTI report:

The 2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index (GGTTI) marks the fourteenth year of continued work by TTCSP to highlight the important contributions and emerging global trends of think tanks worldwide.

This year, all 8,248 think tanks catalogued in the TTCSP’s Global Think Tank Database were contacted and encouraged to participate in the nomination and ranking process. In addition to over 68,191 journalists, policy makers, public and private donors, and functional and regional area specialists on the TTCSP listserv participated and over 3974 fully or partially completed the nomination and ranking surveys. Finally, a group of peers and experts was asked to help rank and review the list of public policy research centers of distinction for 2019.

To refine and validate the generated ranking lists, TTCSP assembled Expert Panels comprised of hundreds of members from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Additionally, new media – the website and social media presence – helped to communicate and disseminate information about criteria for this year’s Index to a wider audience. Given the rigor and scope of the nomination and selection processes, the rankings produced thus far have been described as the insider’s guide to the global marketplace of ideas.

From CCG,2020-02-05
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