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【CGTN】China- US social and cultural dialogue

Thursday,May 23, 2019

Stronger the tie between people-to-people exchange is the top agenda of the first China-US Social and Cultural Dialogue. It’s the cornerstone for China’s outreach strategy, building stronger ties with other countries through exchanges of ideas, such as issues of health, culture, innovation and security. This week Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong traveled to United States for the inaugural China-US Social and Cultural Dialogue.

The Heat Studio invited Dr. Wang Huiyao, President of Center for China and Globalization (CCG), Travis Tanner, the President of the US-China Strong Foundation, Shirley Young, Chair of US-China Cultural Institute and Li Yinuo ,Director of China Office of Gates Foundation to share their opinions about the outcomes and challenges of cultural and social dialogue, especially the human capital exchange between two countries.

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From CGTN,2019-05-23
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