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【China Daily】Great changes ahead in an outward-looking future

Sunday,Oct 22, 2017

By Wang Huiyao | China Daily

Report has huge implications, not only for this country but for the international community as a whole

We are about to see a more open country with more confidence as Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, stressed at the Party’s congress, held every five years. He said China would promote both "bringing in" and "going global", while also contributing more to the shared destiny of mankind.

By defining a new era of realizing socialist modernization and national rejuvenation, the report will be far-reaching not only for this country, but also for the rest of the world, as the second-largest economy approaches the global center stage and plays a bigger role in the contemporary community.

We believe that China will insist on promoting economic globalization, which aims to benefit more people, more classes and more countries than outdated, imbalanced practices. Moving in the direction of globalization could also provide a good solution to overcoming the setbacks faced in the countries of North America or Europe.

Xi promised in the report that China is now on its way toward developing a new paradigm of international trade and becoming a stronger defender of economic globalization.

In the wider world, China will attract more foreign investment through lowering the threshold of access to its domestic markets, further opening its service sectors and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors from abroad.

Under the Belt and Road Initiative, more Chinese companies are heading abroad and have made great achievements in overseas markets.

Under the blueprint of building China as a "great modern socialist country" by the mid-21st century, China needs to integrate with the world more actively and comprehensively. We will see a country that is used to setting goals to serve its people now proactively sharing its growth with the international community. Therefore, Chinese solutions and Chinese wisdom will contribute to global issues more frequently and more extensively.

A stronger country needs more great minds to support it, which also means more talent will be involved. The 19th CPC National Congress report has made it clear that China will welcome talented people from home and abroad to join in the cause of socialist construction. We believe more international talent will be attracted to China from now on through decisive reform and more open and friendly policies.

Today, we witness the beginning of a new era in which China will shoulder more responsibilities for the whole of humankind with outward thinking, as it says farewell to the inward-driven nation.

It will definitely take time for both China and the world to adapt to this upheaval. As with other epic transformations in human history, meticulous care should be taken. However, as we anticipate the upcoming new era, we should bear in mind what the CPC has achieved over the past almost four decades.

More social organizations in China are being invited to become involved in the management of this country in the future, according to the report given by Xi. That means that the Center for China and Globalization (CCG), a leading independent think tank based in Beijing, will play a bigger role in the interaction between China and the rest of the world.

We would like to share our wisdom and play a role as a thinking hub during this history-making process and the rejuvenation of this great country.

From China Daily,2017-10-22
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