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CCG hosts premier of documentary on China-US relations

Thursday,Nov 29, 2018

On Nov. 24, CCG co-hosted a premier of a documentary on the China-US relations, titled “Better Angel”, and a seminar to discuss the future of the bilateral relations, which brought together over 400 politicians, business leaders, academic experts and media professionals, including US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad.




The new documentary was produced by a group of prestigious film professionals including Oscar and Golden Horse award winners and released just in time as the bilateral relations stand at a crossroad and expect to make a breakthrough at the upcoming G20 summit. Taking a retrospective and international perspective, the film presents a rational, inclusive and forward thinking about the future of bilateral relations and receives positive feedback after it was unveiled in Washington, D.C. recently.


CCG President Wang Huiyao applauded this documentary for its contribution to the improvement of the bilateral relations. He reemphasized that it is China and America’s common goal to make the world a better place and the enhancement of their relations is conducive to international cooperation.


William Mundell, the producer of the “Better Angel”, shared with the audience the filmmaking process in the past five years, and expressed his hope that this documentary can help remove Americans’ misperception about China.


Wang Qing, the representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also appreciated the documentary’s role in promoting the friendship between Chinese and American people and encouraged more of such work.

From ,2018-11-29
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