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G20 Summit Encouraging, CCG Continues to promote further Sino-US ties

Friday,Nov 30, 2018

G20 Summit Encouraging, CCG Continues to promote further Sino-US ties
The world now looks to the meeting of President Xi and President Trump at the upcoming G20 Summit in Buenos Aires on November 30, 2018 as the ongoing trade disputes rumble on in the background. The G20 summit will not only provide an opportunity for the leaders of the world’s two largest economies to meet, but also will set the direction for the continuing trade tensions and have a profound effect on the future path of globalization and the world economy. CCG, as China’s leading non-government think tank on globalization, has worked consistently on US-China cooperation, and eagerly expects an upbeat results of this crucial meeting.At a time beset by ever increasing trade tensions, CCG continues to conduct large amounts research on US-China trade relations, putting significant effort into promoting Track II Diplomacy, strengthening communication between the two nations. CCG has invited and welcomed many US representatives to its headquarters, as well as twice sending delegations to US for comprehensive communication. At the same time, CCG regularly publishes reports on US-China relations. By providing insight into the demands of both sides, analyzing each player’s focuses and key issues, CCG aims to reduce the chance for misjudgments and enhance consensus through mutual understanding.

■ Important US representatives visit to CCG

CCG has hosted and conducted exchanges with many important US representatives from government, academia and business circles. These include Michael Pillsbury, Director of the Hudson Institute China Research Center; Richard Weitz, AEI Senior Researcher; Wendy Cutler, former Deputy US Trade Representative, former TTP Lead Negotiator and Deputy Director of the Asian Association; Daniel R. Russel, former US Assistant to the Secretary of State and Vice-President of the Asia Association Policy Research Institute; Alan Turley, US Assistant Secretary of Commerce; former US Trade Representatives Ambassador Michael Froman and Ambassador Susan Schwab; Robert Hormarts, Vice-President of Kissinger Firm, former US Deputy Secretary of State and former US Deputy Trade Representative; Rufus H. Yerxa Chariman of NFTC, former US Ambassador to GATT (predecessor of WTO), former US Deputy Trade Representative and former Deputy Director General of WTO; Bernard L. Schwartz, member of the Council of Foreign Relations; Senior Research Fellow, Edward Alden; Mary Gallagher, Director of The Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan; and, Vangelis Vitalis, Vice Minister of Trade and Economy of New Zealand.

Click here to get more details about those events>>

■ CCG US Track-II Diplomacy Visits

The CCG team has worked in coordination with many leading US think tanks in exploring US-China trade and economic relations. In May and September, 2018, CCG has visited the Council on Foreign Relations, the Heritage Foundation, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Hudson Institute, the Wilson Center, US-China Business Council, US Embassy of China, Republican Party Senator Ted Cruz, Johns Hopkins University Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies, the US-China Business Council, US Democratic Party Representative Rick Larsen, the US State Department, the National Committee on US-China Relations and the annual meeting of the US Committee of 100.

CCG delegation visit US in September, 2018>>

CCG delegation communicated with US officials, businessmen and scholars in May, 2018>>

■ CCG series reports on China-US trade relations

During a CCG delegation US visit, CCG, in collaboration with the Hudson Institute’s Center for US-China relations published a report titled: “China-US Trade Relations and Challenges: Past,Present,Future and Policy Options.” In addition to this, CCG has published a series of six reports on US-China relations including “Understanding the US-China Trade War”, “10 suggestions to ease tensions and sustain a stable Sino-US trade relationship”, “12 Suggestions for Building Stable, Balanced and Win-win Sino-US Relations” and “Infrastructure Cooperation: New Opportunities for China-US Relations”.

China-US Trade Relations and Challenges: Past,Present,Future and Policy Options>>

■ CCG social events to boost bilateral understanding

CCG seeks to hold forums, utilize its media presence and social influence to promote mutual understanding between China and the United States. This year, CCG held its 5th annual forum on China Enterprise Globalization, CCG’s annual conference and hosted the premiere of the US-China relations documentary film “Better Angels”, which all attracted significant press coverage.


CCG, as a non-government think tank, strives to contribute to the development and progression of overall Sino-US cooperation, further encouraging both China and the US to embrace globalization. We look forward to the G20 Summit opening a fresh chapter in Sino-US relations.

From ,2018-11-30
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