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【CGTN Dialogue】 | The Railway Debt Burden

Tuesday,Feb 12, 2019

【Video Watch】

 China had seen an expanding high-speed railway network over the years, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total around the world. While it’s dramatically stretch its distance, transform lives, boost regional economies, people often tend to ignore the huge and growing debts of China Railway Cooperation and local governments.

Did we see the undergoing high-speed railway construction a great revival, or obvious a threat to China’s economy? Should we respect the supply side transformations?

The Dialogue Studio invited Dr. Wang Huiyao, the President of Center for China and Globalization (CCG), and Zhang Jianping, Director General of Centerfor Regional Cooperation of at Ministry of Commerce, to discuss the above issues.

From CGTN,2019-02-12
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