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CCG 2018 Annual Report Round-Up

Friday,Jan 11, 2019

Over the last 40 years China, through its reform and opening-up has gone from a closed nation, with a conservative attitude towards globalization to one of the world’s leading proponents of the phenomenon. Whilst China has remained steadfast in its promotion of globalization, the past year has seen a rise in protectionist and “anti-globalization” sentiment, which in turn has caused trade frictions and economic uncertainty the world over.  Throughout the year CCG, as China’s leading non-governmental think tank, has continued to conduct concerted research in the fields of global governance, international relations, talent internationalization and enterprise globalization trends and strategies, resulting in the publishing of over a dozen reports which expel the CCG motto of: “Global Wisdom for China, China Wisdom for the World.”

“Report on Global Talent Development in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area”

Released: November 2018

This report explores the process of building an internationally competitive talent recruitment system spanning the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area. Establishing further cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao is core part of progressing the “Belt and Road” initiative in the region, while attracting high-quality talent is a central strand in the development strategy. This report is the first systematic analysis on personnel employment and recruitment in the Greater Bay Area. Through comprehensive analysis, this report reveals challenges and opportunities facing the continued development of talent acquisition processes and personell recruitment policy. From this analysis, the report puts forward suggestions to policymakers and inlfuencers to promote the development of global talent in the Greater Bay Area, an example being the proposal to establish a “special international talent zone” across Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

2018 Bluebook on Chinese International Schools

Released: November 2018

This bluebook surveys Chinese international schools and Chinese international school teachers. With the increasing international mobility of individuals, capital and information, the role of international education provision has been proven crucial in the process of attracting and recruiting global talent. This bluebook analyses key concepts such as the "localization of international education" and puts forward suggestions to challenges faced by international schools in China. This report also seeks to propose paths for the future development and construction of international education with Chinese characteristics. The third consecutive year that CCG has released the report, this research continues to provide fresh perspectives on localization of global talent and much-needed practical guidence for the development of international education in China.

“China-US Trade Relations and Challenges: Past, Present, Future and Policy Options”

Released: September 2018

CCG has closely tracked the progression of the US and China trade tensions, from the beginning of trade frictions following the US’ release of the “301 report” on China, the US imposing the “world’s largest” set of tariff increases on China, to the issuing of the “Facts and China’s Position on Sino-US Economic and Trade Frictions” white paper by China’s State Council. This report, the first to be released by a Chinese think tank in cooperation out of a leading US conservative think tank, analyses the causes, impacts and future trends of Sino-US trade frictions. It makes three predictions regarding the possible outcome of the trade dispute, and puts forward suggestions for Chinese and American policy makers.

2018 Report on Key countries in Human Resources

Released: September 2018

The Chinese government have highlighted the necessity of building China’s human resources capabilties in recent years, recognizing that having a strong talent pool is fundemental to a nation’s sustainable economic development. This report combines data and research from the “Chinese Education Modernization 2035” initiative and the “Action Plan for Education Modernization 2018-2022,” to provide an evaluation of China’s current approach to its human resource development. Through comprehensive analysis, the resreach presented gives a run down of the key nations producing global talent, patterns of global talent migration, putting forward policy reccommendations for the improvement of China’s talent development and education initiatives.

“Report on Employment and Entrepreneurship of Chinese Returnees 2018”

Released: August 2018

With the fast pace of economic growth and wealth of opportunities in China, record numbers of Chinese students are returning to China after studying abroad for their career development or to start their own businesses. More than 480,900 overseas Chinese students returned to China in 2017, bringing the total number of returnees to over 3.13 million since 1978, according the Ministry of Education statistics. This report seeks to focus on the most recent generations of student returnees, analysing the employment opportunities available to them and the entrepreneurial paths they take on their return. Delving into the reasons behind their educational and employment decision-making, extrapolating this data to make predictions on future generations of overseas Chinese students.

“Understanding the US-China Trade War: Analyses and CCG Recommendations”

Released: July 2018

As the trade war progressed into 2018, CCG released this report as a means of providing analysis, understanding and suggestions to break the deadlock in Sino-US economic relations. The research included within this report follows up on data gathered on CCG’s US visits and includes a systematic evaluation of economic and trade relations between the US and China. Through analysis of increasing trade frictions between the two nations, potential areas for cooperation are discussed and paths for the world’s two largest economies to emerge from under the shadow of the “trade war” are put forward.

Report on Sichuan Talent Development 2018

Released: June 2018

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, remarkable achievements have been made in talent development and talent work in Sichuan, especially in Chengdu, which is fast becoming the leader of talent development in China. It is for this precise reason that CCG and the South Western University of Finance and Economics Institute of Development Studies co-wrote this report. This report is first time that the development of Chengdu’s talent recruitment and human resource mechanisms have been taken as the focus of detailed research. By delving into the new issues relating to talent recruitment by big cities, this paper puts forward strategies for the cultivation of a productive and effective talent system in national employment hubs, such as Chengdu.

World Intelligent Manufacturing Report 2018

Released: June 2018

With the advent of the “fourth industrial revolution” marked by the rise of smart manufacturing technology, new strategies and technical standards by the world’s leading manufacturing nations have emerged in response, such as Germany’s “INDUSTRIE 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”. This report provides an in-depth analysis of smart manufacturing technical standard systems, policy planning, practical applications and prospects in different countries. This is the first report focused on smart manufacturing in China and is not only be useful in the context of the “Made in China 2025” plan, but also offers professional guidance and functions as an important reference point for the overall development of the global smart manufacturing industry.

World Migration Report 2018

Released: May 2018

Starting in 2000, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) issued a series of reports to enhance world understanding of key migration issues. As one of IOM’s key contributions to the field of migration, the World Migration Report series is increasingly important in todays’ post-truth political era. In order to further people’s understanding of current and long-term migration development, IOM and CCG have jointly released the Chinese language version of the World Migration Report 2018. As the ninth edition in the series, this report highlights the complicated and unexpected problems faced by policy makers in the field of migration. By presenting migration data at the global and regional levels, the report presents the complexity of migration issue, and provides a rigorous and effective empirical analysis of migration issues for practitioners, policy makers and researchers in this field.

Global Changes and Chinese Wisdom: Memories, Hopes and Suggestions Commemorating 40 Years of Reform and Opening-Up

Released: February 2018

In 2018, China ushered in the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up. Over the past 40 years, China has made rare achievements in history and which have reverberated around the whole world. By exploring the global impact of China's economic transformation, the changes in globalization and global governance and the corresponding effect this has had, this paper expounds the significance of China's experience over 40 years of reform and opening-up.

Global Value Chain Development Report 2017: Measuring and Analyzing the Impact of GVCs on Economic Development

Released: January 2018

Publisher: Social Sciences Academic Press, China

With the development of globalization, global value chains provide developing countries with new opportunities to integrate into the world economy. CCG and Social Sciences Academic Press published this report to explore how developing countries can deepen their participation and upgrade their role in the global value chain. Using detailed research and in-depth analysis, this report focuses on emergent global patterns related to the global value chain. It aims to help the public and policymakers understand the development and evolution of global value chains, especially their significance to economic development.

From ,2019-01-11
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