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The Point: China demands U.S. to drop Huawei exec’s extradition

Tuesday,Jan 29, 2019

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China said on Tuesday that the U.S. and Canada have abused their extradition agreement in the case of arrested Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou. This comes after a Canadian diplomat told the press that the U.S. will go ahead with the formal extradition request. Meng has been on bail since December 11 pending the U.S. decision on whether or not to make an extradition request before a deadline of January 30. Is it a done deal that the U.S. will formally go ahead with the extradition request? Why is the U.S. adamant in seeking her extradition despite China’s strong protest? What does it mean for Canada if the U.S. formally goes ahead with the request? Guests include Victor Gao, Global Councilor of Asia Society, and Harvey Dzodin, a research fellow from the Center for China and Globalization.


From CGTN, 2019-1-23

From the Point,2019-01-29
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