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World Migration Report 2018

Thursday,May 24, 2018

World Migration Report 2018

Released: May 2018

Starting in 2000, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) issued a series of reports to enhance world understanding of key migration issues. As one of IOM’s key contributions to the field of migration, the World Migration Report series is increasingly important in todays’ post-truth political era. In order to further people’s understanding of current and long-term migration development, IOM and CCG have jointly released the Chinese language version of the World Migration Report 2018. As the ninth edition in the series, this report highlights the complicated and unexpected problems faced by policy makers in the field of migration. By presenting migration data at the global and regional levels, the report presents the complexity of migration issue, and provides a rigorous and effective empirical analysis of migration issues for practitioners, policy makers and researchers in this field.

From ,2018-05-24
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