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Rebooting the Belt and Road Initiative amidst the pandemic: challenges, prospects, and innovations

2020-08-26 (Beijing)

CCG “China and globalization in the time of coronavirus” webinar series

Media Partner: South China Morning Post

Rebooting the Belt and Road Initiative amidst the pandemic: challenges, prospects, and innovations

When: August 26, 8:00pm-9:00pm (Beijing Time)

Where: Teleconference via Zoom, Live broadcast via Baidu/Facebook/YouTube

Language: English, simultaneous translation optional

With a pandemic of this magnitude that has brought even developed economies to their knees, many predict that the international order will certainly take a new shape post-COVID19. China, the first country that experienced the virus outbreak, is gradually recovering from coronavirus’ immense damage to the economy while confronting an increasingly tumultuous relationship with the United States. In these changing contexts, some start to question China’s momentum of financing BRI projects, others are hopeful for the BRI’s potential to drive the post-COVID19 global economic recovery and reconstruction. How have the COVID-19 impacted the BRI and how will the BRI rise to the challenge in a new era yet to be shaped?

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Topics of discussion:

- What are the social and economic consequences of the COVID19 pandemic for the BRI projects?

- How will the rise of economic nationalism and xenophobia in many countries around the world during the crisis factor in risk management for the BRI projects?

- As a leading international deal making and dispute resolution hub, can Hong Kong play a role in facilitating sustainable BRI investments in post-COVID 19 world?

- With sanctions imposed by countries such as the US and the UK, can Hong Kong still work with mainland cities to make the Greater Bay Area a technological and financial engine of the BRI?


Tony Cheung, Correspondent, South China Morning Post (SCMP)

Speakers (in alphabetic order):

Winston Wenyan MA, Adjunct Professor at New York University, Former Managing Director of China Investment Corporation

WANG Huiyao, President, Center for China and Globalization (CCG)

ZHAI Kun, Professor in the School of International Studies, Peking University

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